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5 Tips for Cleaning Your Dab Rig

| Tom Parry
A clean dab rig produces better tasting and healthier smoke. Stick with us
today as we explore why cleaning your dab rig is important.

There is nothing quite like using a new custom dab rig for the first time. Everything is clean,works correctly, and boy, is the session good. But time and use will turneven the greatest pieces dirty, sticky, and ready to be cleaned. Stick with us today as we explore why cleaning your dab rig is important along with the best practices to keep your piece tidy and ready for use.

A Fresh Start: Why Clean Your Dab Rig

The Importance of Regular Cleaning

The importance of regular cleaning is hard to understate. The benefits to a clean piece are tangible and start with simple things like how well the piece works. If you have debris or resin blocking internal holes, airflow will suffer,hits will be smaller, and you’ll have to exert more suction for that worse hit. If your mouthpiece is sticky, your smokes are just less comfortable.
Dab rigs are designed to pull easy; don’t tire your neck out pulling the smoke through.

Impact on Health and Flavor

Beyond functionality, a clean piece is vital to flavor and health as well. Regularly cleaning the water prevents mold and other bad actors from infesting your piece. What’s more, these same contaminants will inhibit flavor as well.Instead of fully tasting your weed, dirty pieces often produce stale, poor-tasting smoke. The difference between smoking a dirty versus clean piece is extremely noticeable!

Step-By-Step Cleaning Guide

1. Disassemble your rig with care - you must be able to access all nooks and crannies.
2. Assemble cleaning supplies (more details below)
3. Submerge your piece in your selected medium. Wait while it soaks
4. After several minutes, shake/scrub piece to remove debris and resin that remains
5. Thoroughly rinse out piece to remove loose debris and all cleaning medium
6. Sit on towel to let dry

The Right Cleaning Solutions

There are a few different cleaning mediums that can work on your piece with some producing better results than others. Starting with the best option, here are some choices in cleaning medium that are readily available in most homes/stores:
● Isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt
● Hot water and soap
● Water and elbow grease

Effective Cleaning Techniques

With a substance so sticky and present as resin, being able to effectively handle this substance is vital. The best way to break down resin quickly is with isopropyl alcohol. For smaller streaks of resin, you can wipe them away with an isopropyl-soaked paper towel. For larger patches of resin or resin in hard to reach places, having a 10 minute soak in isopropyl alcohol will begin to degrade and peel the resin off the walls. Shaking a coarse salt inside with further tear away at the adhesion causing large patches of resin to flake off.

Rising and Drying Strategies

Be sure to do a thorough wash/rinse after attacking resin and debris inside. You want to be sure that all loose pieces of ash and resin are removed from the piece and that any smell or taste of isopropyl alcohol is removed. Sometimes paper towels leave behind a slight residue, so unless you’re actively trying to use your piece right after cleaning, letting it air dry is an extremely effective way to dry out your piece.

Preventative Maintenance for Your Dab Rig

Routine Care Tips

For the best longevity of your piece, regular maintenance goes a long way. This includes regularly changing the water, perhaps everyday or every other day depending on use. If you are going away for a weekend without the piece, dump out any water and let your piece dry out while not in use.

Other Tips for Glass Longevity

Be encouraged to break out your isopropyl alcohol or other cleaning medium fairly often to prevent any major resin build up. Try to keep the exterior of your piece dry as much as you can to avoid any slippage/breakage while moving your piece. Be sure to properly store your piece when not in use to prevent any accidents.

Beyond the Basics: Ensuring Longevity

For those deep cleans, proper supplies and patience are vital. Giving time for the isopropyl alcohol to eat away at the resin makes cleaning much easier. Having an abrasive element that can easily be removed, like a coarse salt, can be shaken inside a soaked piece to really eat away at any debris that isn’t already free-floating.

Cleaning Can be Dangerous If You Aren’t Careful

Just like any activity where you’re handling/moving your glass rig, this is when most damage will occur. When cleaning, be gentle and patient. This is another reason isopropyl alcohol is a great cleaning medium – you fill your rig with alcohol and let the piece sit peacefully. If shaking your piece, do so gently with both hands.

The Clear Advantage of a Clean Rig

The advantages to using a clean dab rig are extremely easy to see! A clean dab rig produces better tasting and healthier smoke to send you to the moon. A clean dab rig lasts longer! A clean dab rig looks better! Everything about your piece is just better when it’s clean, and cleaning a rig isn’t necessarily a tough task. With proper supplies and patience, you can constantly get the best results from your session.

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Dab Rig Cleaning FAQ

Isopropyl alcohol and a coarse material like salt make for the best combination to break
down resin, remove debris, and leave the chambers of your piece perfectly clean.

Depending on usage, cleaning the water every day/every other day is a great start. You
can mix in deeper cleans with isopropyl alcohol when you notice resin building up.

Yes! In fact, isopropyl alcohol is one of the best solutions for breaking down resin and
revitalizing your rig.

For those extra tough stains, let your rig soak in isopropyl alcohol before mixing in a
coarse salt and shaking your rig to eat away directly at the residue.