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A Guide to Magnet Bongs: Never Lose Your Lighter Again

| Madison Gillespie
Features like magnets in Bongs and other custom glass smoking pieces have
been becoming more popular as the technology of embedding magnets into glass continues to advance. Learn more about the practice here.

Discovering Magnet Magic: The Revolution in Bong Design

The known limits of the bong community are continually being stretched in this golden age of stoners. Ideas that many people haven’t even dreamed of are being designed, created, and made available for purchase. There is a whole world of custom bongs out there that many people haven’t tried yet and at the forefront of today is the rare magnet bong.

The Master Behind the Magnet: Javier Vazquez

In this relatively sparse field of magnet bongs, Javier Vazquez has emerged as a leading artist in the creative endeavor of practically inserting magnets into hand-crafted glass. The result of which is the perfect combination of artistry and practicality that is revolutionizing how we can think of a bong.

Javier Vazquez

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  • Mastered the technology to add LED lights and magnets in hand blow glass
  • Developed Brix Product Line with imbedded Superheroes, Cartoons and other Characters
  • Built line of Puffco Attachments that are world class
  • Crafts Heady Art with amazing features
  • Family-owned business started by Javier and Sarah Vazquez in 2010 in a little place called Old Town Temecula in California
  • Javier comes from a family of glass blowers from Spain dating back 85 years
  • He worked at Disneyland for 27 years making glass products such as wedding cake toppers, princesses and carriages and has been blowing glass for over 40 years
  • Javier is a supremely talented glass artist who has also developed stunning celebrity pieces including
    - A royal castle for Nicholas Cage
    - A custom chopper for Jay Leno

The Allure of Magnet Bongs: Beyond Convenience

Beyond just the cool fact that there is a magnet in your bong, there are very practical applications to magnets in your smoking device that change the game. For one, never lose your lighter again. With a magnet bong, you can easily secure your lighter directly to your piece to ensure that you have all the appropriate tools when it's time to light up.

What’s more, with properly placed magnets, you can disassemble your bong into separate pieces (i.e the downstem, the mouthpiece, etc.) and swap out pieces as you see fit to give you ultimate customization over their bong.

The Functional Elegance of Magnet Bongs

Not only do magnets provide a unique aesthetic that is new to bongs, but their functionality is unmatched. While the magnetic pull on the magnets is invisible, the effect they have on the aesthetic and functionality is anything but hard to see.

There is nothing quite as game changing as being able to easily swap out pieces of your bong to tailor your smoking experience perfectly. If you want extra percolation for your hit, easily apply a magnetic attachment and experience your smoke the way you want to. Never worry about where your lighter is – it’s attached to the bong!

Not only is your smoking experience enhanced by introducing magnets into your setup, but quality of life will see a tremendous improvement as well. This stems from little things like having a spot to attach your lighter, but also stems into the field of cleaning. With magnetic bong deconstruction, keeping the corners and grooves of your piece clean and ready for use just got that much easier when you have a few small pieces to worry about.

Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Magnet Bong

Shopping for a magnetic bong is similar to regular bong shopping in that you should come prepared with certain requirements like size and aesthetic. However, also be prepared to think outside the box for your magnets. How many pieces do you want to disassemble into? Are there any special attachments you would want to bring in separately to be able to use on the piece? Are there any particular magnet spots that really catch your eye?

There are many options to pick from in the field, especially if you tangle yourself in the Vazquez collection full of magnet masterpieces. If you have something extremely specific in mind, artists like Javier Vazquez can work with you to bring your dream to reality!

Maintaining Your New Piece

Once you have your new piece, maintaining it becomes the next priority. Regardless if you have a magnet bong, an LED bong, or just a plain glass bong, regular cleaning and maintenance is extremely important to produce the best results. Warm water, a coarse salt, and isopropyl alcohol is a fantastic combination to break down resin and remove debris that will ruin magnet seals and block airflow through the piece.

The Future of Bong Innovation

Magnets are far from the end of bong innovation. Artists like Javier Vazquez are really just getting started with the concept of what the modern bong can accomplish. Beyond magnets, we are already seeing hand-blown glass infused with LEDs to give a fresh vibe to your session through the use of lights.

New technology will certainly be coming down the pike to further transform this industry. Keep asking the questions: how can I improve my bong and smoking experience? Be a part of the forefront of this industry. Today it’s a magnet bong, but who knows what tomorrow has in store! Support these local glass artists stretching boundaries and get yourself a magnet bong today!

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