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Glass bongs

Experience superior smoking with Giggle Glass's Bong Collection—high-end bongs that elevate enjoyment.

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The Rise of Bong Popularity: What Makes Bongs a Smoker's Choice?

Bongs remain the go-to method for smokers worldwide due to their functionality and taste. In bongs, smoke is filtered through water/ice to create cooler, smoother, and fresher hits all while removing some of the nasty aftertastes from ash and tar. Not only do your hits taste better with a bong, but your throat will notice a difference compared to a harsh hit from a bowl creating a more enjoyable smoking experience.

The Science of Bongs: How Water Filtration Works for Smoother Hits

The key to a bong’s functionality lies within the downstream. This piece of glass connects the bowl where you ignite and the water that exists at the bottom. As you inhale, the smoke is brought through the downstream and forced into the water, which in turn, creates a series of bubbles filled with smoke.

As you continue to inhale, these bubbles work their way to the surface where they break, releasing smoking into the bong where you inhale it into your lungs. Bringing the smoke through the water removes many bad aftertastes as well as cools the hit making it easier to take.

Exploring Bong Varieties: From Classics to Modern Innovations

Bongs have advanced in their designs over the years. Classic bongs revolve around simply filtering the smoke through the water. Modern bongs maintain this basic premise, but usually have a series of bells and whistles to further improve your smoking experience. This can include an ice catcher to further cool your hits, a percolator to infuse more aeration into your hits, or an ash catcher to help maintain a clean piece.

Water Filtration in Bongs: The Secret to a Cleaner Smoke

Bongs filtering your smoke through water create a better, cleaning smoking experience is what these pieces are all about. Filtering through the water removes some of the bad aftertastes that come from tar or ash all while cooling the hit making it easier on your body. Other smoking styles cannot compete with the filtration; smaller bowls and joints may be able to filter any larger pieces out of the smoke, but they don’t address the taste like bong filtration can.

The Evolution of Bong Design: A Look at Material and Aesthetic Choices

Bongs over the years have steadily become more intricate. This includes not only general aesthetics, but also functionality. In recent years, more materials are being used, including silicone, to create easier traveling experiences with your bong. Meanwhile, glass bongs continue to see advances in the complexity of their designs as more filtration and aeration are added that create better smoking experiences.

Comparing Bong Types: Which One is Right for You?


Small bongs are great for travel or sharing! These bongs are compact making them easy to bring places and usually come in more sturdy materials when compared to glass. At this size, you can travel without major fear of breaking an expensive, intricate glass piece.


Medium bongs provide great balance in flexibility and functionality allowing you to create a great smoking experience whether you are on the move or staying at home. At this middle ground, you can get some bells and whistles on your bong while still having a size that makes it practical to transport.


Large bongs, while they may not travel well, can create some of the best smoking experiences. At larger sizes, your bong has room to have complex filtration, aeration, and ash catching to streamline your smoking experience while creating a fantastic high. Bongs at this size won’t travel well and will be at-risk of breaking with mishandling, but the results speak for themselves.

Glass bongs Faqs

Consider your lifestyle with the bong. Will it travel or will it remain on a table mostly stationary? Are you clumsy and prone to breaking things? What kind of smoking experience do you want? Find something that fits your practical needs for a piece.

Glass, acrylic, and silicone are all different materials that can be used when manufacturing a bong. Each material has their own taste amongst other pros and cons. For example, a silicone bong can easily be cleaned in a dishwasher with no fear of breaking while a glass bong can be more intricate in its design and features while usually having the preferred taste amongst the materials.

Isopropyl alcohol and a coarse salt are a fantastic combo for cleaning a glass bong. The alcohol breaks down resin while the coarse salt helps tear it away from the glass. Following a cleaning, use warm water to thoroughly rinse your bong to remove any salt or alcohol that may linger.

Water filtration can absolutely enhance a smoking experience by filtering out many of the bad aftertastes that result from ash and tar. This filtering process in bongs also serves the purpose of cooling the smoke to create a smoother, fuller hit that is 100% more enjoyable compared to unfiltered smoke.

Generally speaking, a crystal clean glass bong is not illegal. At this stage, the glass bong has multiple assumed usages, but it’s not illegal. A dirty bong filled with marijuana resin and ash is a different story. Bringing a dirty bong into an airport attempting to fly, for example, will get you in trouble. Be sure to clean your pieces before traveling for legal safety.