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Glossary of Terms

Ash Catcher

An accessory to a water pipe or bong designed to trap ash and debris before it enters the main chamber, keeping the water cleaner for longer.


A handheld pipe that uses water (like a bong) to filter and cool the smoke, providing smoother hits than traditional dry pipes.

Beaker Bong

A type of water pipe with a wide, beaker-shaped base that offers increased stability and a larger water reservoir for filtration.

Carb Cap

A tool used during the dabbing process, it controls airflow and traps heat, allowing concentrates to vaporize at lower temperatures for smoother, more flavorful hits.


A small, straight pipe designed for a quick and simple smoking experience, it is typically made of glass and does not have a carburetor.

Carb Hole/Shot Hole

A small hole on a pipe that allows the user to clear smoke from the chamber, often found on hand pipes and some bongs.

Ceramic Nail

A type of dabbing nail made from ceramic, known for its ability to evenly distribute heat and provide pure flavor from concentrates.

Concentrate Rig

Often referred to as a "dab rig," it's a device used to vaporize cannabis concentrates, providing a potent and clean hit.


The component of a bong or water pipe that directs smoke from the bowl towards the water in the base, facilitating filtration and cooling of the smoke.

Diffuser/Diffused Downstem

A downstem with small holes or slits that disperse the smoke into the water for better filtration and cooling.

Drip Tip

An accessory used primarily with vaping devices, it is a mouthpiece designed to prevent e-liquid from splashing into the vaper's mouth

Domeless Nail

A type of dab nail that doesn't require a dome, designed for easier use and typically providing larger hits than traditional domed nails.

Dry Herb Vaporizer

A device used to heat dry cannabis or other herbs to a point where the active ingredients are released in a vapor, offering a combustion-free smoking experience.


A compact, all-in-one smoking device typically consisting of a box with two compartments: one for storing ground cannabis, and one for a one-hitter pipe.


An electronic nail, used for dabbing, that allows for precise temperature control for consistent and optimal vaporization of concentrates.

Fritted Disc Perc

A type of percolator that uses a disc of glass fragments (frit) with small spaces between them for extreme diffusion of smoke.

Fab Egg

A style of water pipe that features a unique egg-shaped chamber with holes or slots for percolation, offering exceptional filtration and aesthetics.

Fumed Glass

A technique where real gold and silver are heated to release fumes that give clear glass a semi-transparent, colorful appearance.

Grav Labs

A well-known manufacturer of high-quality glass pipes, water pipes, and smoking accessories.


A tool used to break down cannabis buds into finer pieces for easier packing into pipes or vaporizers, and for more even burning.

Gravity Bong

A homemade smoking device that uses two empty plastic bottles to funnel smoke through water and into the user's lungs.

Hand Pipe

A compact and simple smoking apparatus, typically made from glass, used for smoking dry herbs without the use of water filtration.


A type of pipe design that creates a vortex of air and smoke, offering a unique visual effect and a cooler, smoother smoke.

Heady Glass

High-quality, often colorful or intricate, glass pieces that are usually handmade by skilled glass artists.

Herb Slide

Also known as a bowl, it is a component that is loaded with dry herbs and then inserted into a water pipe or bong for smoking.

Honeycomb Perc

A type of percolator that resembles a honeycomb; it diffuses the smoke into very small bubbles, increasing the surface area for a smoother hit.

Inline Perc

A horizontal percolator with gridded or slit openings where smoke passes through for filtration, usually placed at the base of the water pipe.

Ice Pinch/Ice Catcher

An indent in the neck of a bong or water pipe designed to hold ice, cooling the smoke as it passes through for smoother hits.

Inline Diffuser

A type of percolator with a straight tube that has multiple slits, dispersing smoke into the water for increased filtration.

Joint Size

Refers to the size of the opening on a water pipe where the bowl piece or downstem is inserted. Common sizes are 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm.

Mini Tube

A smaller style of water pipe or dab rig that is typically between six and ten inches tall, offering portability and flavor preservation.

Male/Female Adapter

A piece used to convert the joint size or gender on a water pipe or dab rig, allowing for different bowls, nails, or other accessories to be used.


The part of a smoking device that the user places their lips on to inhale the smoke or vapor.

Nectar Collector

A type of dabbing tool that allows users to vaporize concentrates directly from a dish or container, it's often used for its convenience and lessened waste.


A small, portable pipe designed for single inhalations, or "hits", usually resembling a cigarette for discretion.

Oil Dome

A glass component that is placed over a nail on a dab rig, helping to capture and direct the vapor into the rig when concentrates are heated.


An additional water chamber in a pipe that cools the smoke and provides filtration, allowing for smoother, cleaner hits.


Also known as an ash catcher, it is an accessory that can be added to a water pipe or bong to further cool and filter the smoke before it reaches the main chamber.

Quartz Nail

A type of dabbing nail made from quartz, used in concentrate consumption for its excellent heat retention and pure flavor profile.

Quartz Banger

A type of dabbing nail made from quartz crystal, prized for its durability, heat retention, and clean flavor profile.


A type of water pipe or dab rig that recycles the water (and smoke) through multiple chambers before inhalation, providing optimal filtration and flavor.

Roach Clip

A small tool used to hold the end of a joint or blunt, allowing it to be smoked without burning fingers.

Sherlock A

style of pipe with a long, curved neck, reminiscent of the type famously used by fictional detective Sherlock Holmes.


A term used for the bowl piece of a bong or water pipe, so named because it slides in and out of the joint of the pipe for loading and cleaning.

Spoon Pipe

A type of hand pipe designed for use with dry herbs, characterized by its spoon-like shape with a bowl, stem, and mouthpiece.


A type of pipe with a tube design, typically open at both ends, with a small hole or "bowl" on top for placing your herbs. The user covers one end, lights the herbs, and inhales at the other end.


A small metal or glass disc with holes that is placed in a pipe's bowl to prevent ash and herb particles from being inhaled.

Silicone Bongs

Bongs made from silicone, prized for their durability, portability, and ease of cleaning.

Splash Guard

A feature in a bong or water pipe designed to prevent water from reaching the mouthpiece and entering the user's mouth.

Stemless Design

A design of bongs or dab rigs where the joint is built directly into the piece, eliminating the need for a detachable downstem.

Straight Tube

A style of bong or water pipe that is essentially a straight tube from the base to the mouthpiece, offering a direct and potent hit.

Swiss Perc

A percolator design that resembles a Swiss cheese, with holes cut into the glass to provide diffusion and cooling of the smoke.

Titanium Nail

A highly durable type of dabbing nail made from titanium, used to vaporize cannabis concentrates in a dab rig.

Taster Bat

A small, typically glass, pipe that holds a small amount of herb for quick, single hits.

Torch Lighter

A type of lighter that burns at a higher temperature, commonly used to heat up nails or bangers for dabbing concentrates.

Tree Perc

A type of percolator that resembles a tree with multiple "branches," each acting as a diffuser to filter and cool the smoke.

Vape Pen

A portable device that heats up cannabis oils, waxes, or dry herbs to produce a breathable vapor, offering a discreet and typically less harmful alternative to smoking.

Vapor Stone

A porous ceramic or stone piece used in some vaporizers as a heating element for concentrates.

Vapor Curve

A type of dabbing accessory that guides vapor from the heated surface into the rig, offering efficient and flavorful hits.

Vapor Tamer

A cooling device that can be added to a vaporizer to further cool the vapor before it is inhaled, often filled with gel that can be frozen.

Vaporizer Whip

A long tube that attaches to a vaporizer and allows the user to inhale vapor, typically made from silicone or other heat-resistant material.

Water Pipe

A broad term for any smoking device that uses water to filter and cool the smoke, including bongs and bubblers.

Wax Atomizer

An attachment for a vaporizer pen designed to vaporize cannabis concentrates, also known as "wax".

Wig Wag

A style of glassblowing that creates a wavy or zigzag pattern in the glass, often used in pipes and other smoking accessories for aesthetic appeal.


A type of water pipe or bong with a zigzag design in the neck or body, both for aesthetic appeal and to condense the smoke for cooler hits.