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Hand Pipes

Why are hand pipes such a popular option?

When it comes to handheld glass pipes, spoon pipes hold . . . Read More

Hand Pipes: Uniting Tradition and Convenience

Hand pipes are arguably the most traditional method for consuming herb. The simple hand pipe idea has been fleshed out in many cultures with a multitude of materials because the design is effective! Hand pipes are easy to transport with you, easy to use, and can be handmade with materials around you. The reliability and ease of hand pipes will certainly keep them relevant in the modern smoking world.

The Anatomy of Hand Pipes: Design and Functionality

Hand pipes are extremely simple in their construction. They consist of a mouth piece, a small connecting pipe, and a bowl wherein you can place herb. Simply light the herb as you inhale and you’ll receive a hit. No fancy multi-compartment, intricate passageway designs that make you question if you know how to smoke. Just light and get high!

Material Matters: Choosing Between Glass, Metal, and Wooden Hand Pipes

The hand pipe market is filled with some great options for materials to use, some of which are unique to hand pipes. What material is best for you boils down to personal preference. Glass is a traditional choice that provides a great smoking experience, but is much more fragile. Metal provides a durable alternative, but may come with an undesired aftertaste and lack of aesthetic. Wood provides a unique taste and aesthetic, but will have a shorter shelf life due to the damage fire and heat have on the wood.

Style and Substance: The Artistic Side of Hand Pipes

While simple in their functionality, hand pipes have plenty of opportunity to explore artistic aesthetics. With glass, you can incorporate fancy curves and a great variety of color and depth within the glass. Wood pipes provide an opportunity to personalize your piece with personal carvings and designs that you can add all yourself. There is something about a wood hand pipe that is totally unique and eye-catching!

Hand Pipe Maintenance: Keeping Your Bowl Clean for Pure Hits

Maintenance is important for hand pipe functionality. Over time, every pipe will slowly collect debris, which will affect the ability to draw smoke through it. Sometimes, a toothpick is all you need to poke and scrap away any blockages. For hard to reach places, isopropyl alcohol makes a great bath for a hand pipe to dissolve and remove resin.

Finding Your Perfect Match: How to Select the Right Hand Pipe

Selecting the right hand pipe will boil down to personal preferences. For example, what material fits your aesthetic or taste preferences? How big do you want your pipe to be? Do you want any intricate designs or just a simple pipe? Answer these questions and look for a mouthpiece that is large and comfortable; people love a pipe that is easy to use and comfortable.


Hand pipes are some of the most versatile and portable methods of smoking available. You need three things: the bowl, the herb, and a lighter, all of which can easily fit in your pocket or a small bag. The hand pipe is extremely easy to share with friends and family, and can always be packed again to keep the party going!

Hand pipes are straight forward to pack and clean. Simply load up the bowl with your preferred herb, cover the hole on the side, light the herb, and inhale. Usually when the herb has been smoked down properly, you can easily tap out or otherwise remove the ash and be ready for the next pack.

You’ll notice with hand pipes that there is usually no built-in way to filter or cool the smoke prior to entering your lungs. This can cause throat and lung irritation, especially if you take a large hit from the pipe, similar to a joint.

Hand pipes aren’t necessarily the go-to for using concentrates, but it’s still possible. Usually people find that herb serves as a great base within the bowl and concentrates can be put on top to make sure the concentrate gets properly heated and consumed.

Over time, you’ll find that a hand pipe will slowly lose airflow as the pipe cavity gets clogged with debris and resin. This will affect the quality of the smoke and how hard you need to pull to get a hit. Luckily, when this time comes, the solution is easy. Give your hand pipe a bath in isopropyl alcohol to break off the sticky resin and use a toothpick to help remove any bits that straggle.