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Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you can’t light up! Whether you’re on the move for business, vacationing with friends, or visiting family, as long as you pack the right equipment, you can still get a great burn. For the best travel piece, consider something that is:

  • Lightweight
  • Compactable/discrete
  • Smokes great
  • Cleans easy

Travel sometimes means you have to leave your favorite piece at home. Luckily, our travel smoking collection is sure to have a piece that is perfect for you, your journey, and your destination!

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On a Plane:

For plane travel, ideally your piece is small and discrete making it easy to pack in a suitcase or bag. When space and weight is limited, having a compact piece is extremely important. Having a piece with an aspect of durability can also be useful, but even glass can be wrapped properly for airport transport. And yes, you can bring a glass smoking piece through airport security!

On a Train:

With limited luggage space and potential for rough handling of your bags while on a train, having a compact, durable piece will be the easiest to safely transport. A lightweight and easy-to-store piece will make train travel a breeze.

On a Bus or Car:

Depending on the specific situation, bus or car travel may allow you to bring a bigger piece due to having more available space. This opens up a variety of fantastic travel pieces to effectively bring on the road. Smaller pieces work wonderfully as well as they are extremely easy to toss in a bag before you depart.

On a Boat:

On a boat, having an easily holdable, easily packable piece is key. Being able to quickly store or hold onto your piece in the face of big waves is an absolute must. An overboard piece is lost to the water and makes for a bad time. A degree of durability is appreciated too, in case anything falls onto the boat.

On Foot:

When traveling on foot, having a small, pocketable piece goes a long way towards quality of life. Ideally, the piece is lightweight and easy to store to keep your hands free and easy to reach when you need it. Being able to utilize your pants pockets and outside pockets of any bag you may have allows for extremely easy use.


While designed to be more durable than a typical at-home piece, on-the-go smoking glass items are still glass at the end of the day. Proper packing and protection surrounding the piece is recommended regardless of the style just to be sure.

For packing glass to prevent breakage in transport, best practices involve using bubble wrap and clothing. To wrap your piece in bubble wrap and then surround the piece with clothing, away from any hard items and the edge of your bag, provides a great cushion to prevent any breakage. The more layers of softness and protection you can surround your travel piece with, the better chance it will arrive unscathed.

This is especially important in airports or trains where your bag may be exposed to more damage than other transport methods. Should you be carrying the bag with the breakable glass, keep that in mind and handle your luggage carefully.

TSA can take a bong, however, they only do so when there is marijuana residue inside. Marijuana is illegal to fly with, but a glass piece itself is not. If flying with a bong, either very thoroughly clean your piece or preferably, fly with a completely new, unused piece. A brand new glass bong can theoretically be carried on without a problem.

Following cleaning methods for your piece’s material and establishing a cleaning schedule are the best practices to clean and maintain a traveling piece. For glass, this includes using isopropyl alcohol to remove any residue. Cleaning the piece as soon as you return from travel is the best way to make sure it’s ready for the next adventure.

Generally, travel smoking pieces tend to be smaller so that they are easier to pack. Some transportation modes, like planes, limit your space to bring everything you need, which makes a small, lightweight piece that much more valuable. However, in car transportation, you can certainly fit a much larger travel piece should you have some space left in the vehicle.