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Introduction to Bong Pricing

If you’re to buy yourself the perfect bong, then it’s important that you take into account the factors that influence the pricing of a bong. Some of the key elements that influence bong prices include material, brand, design and craftsmanship, size, functionality, and market. If you’re looking to check all the boxes on these elements, then going in for high- quality glass is your answer. It’s important to choose high-quality glass because your overall smoking experience is highly elevated when using high-quality glass, both in experience and aesthetic.

Determine your Bong Type

The different types of bongs available include the vast range of styles and sizes you can choose from. If you’re looking for a discreet, on-the-go bong, then a smaller bubbler would be perfect for you. Howeve, if you’re looking to get the biggest bang for your buck, then buying a larger bong will give you one of the highest-class of smoking experiences. Depending on your type of bong and it’s features will greatly affect their pricing of it. A larger bong with percolators is guaranteed to be much more expensive than a simple 8- inch bong. Yet for many, the smoking experience of a more complex bong is more than worth it.

Selecting Materials and Build Quality

There’s a vast variety of bong types out there to choose from, each made from different materials that affect the price and smoking experience. Some common materials you’ll find in bong manufacturing include glass, acrylic, ceramic, silicone, metal, and plastic. Your choice in material may greatly affect the cost and durability. For example, glass is considered the standard go-to for the makeup of a bong, giving you a clean taste in smoking, but also being fragile to potential accidents. Acrylic on the other hand is a much more durable material, but some smokers find the inherent plastic taste that comes with it to be displeasing. It’s important to take into consideration what you are trying to get out of your bong when choosing one.

Size and Capacity

As they say, the bigger the better, and this especially applies to bongs. The bigger your bong, the better quality of your smoke experience at the cost of a higher price. However, you might not need the largest bong. There are a variety of sizes available to fit the needs of every smoker. Whether it’s a small, medium, or large bong, each one has their own benefits that fit the preferences of any type of smoker.

Advanced Features and Customization

If you’re looking to make the most out of your bong, then you should definitely check out these advanced features like LEDs and magnets. Magnets on your bong can help serve ash catchers and bowls by securely keeping these pieces in place as well as easily detachable for your convenience. LEDs can help to serve for both aesthetic and functionality. A well-placed series of LEDs can be used to visually enhance your bong or be used as water level and heat indicators. These customization options will overall affect your bong pricing depending on how deep you go on these features.

Custom or Production Models

A custom build can vary drastically from production models but also provide your own indelible mark of being a consummate smoker. The more tricked out your custom bong is will result in a higher price tag with features ranging from aesthetic and functional. You should consider opting in for a local artists' production model however because many local artists spend an innumerable amount of time and care in making sure that their produced glass is of the highest quality.

Calculate Your Price

Check out the price calculator above to see how your hand-picked features will affect the overall price of your bong. This calculator will take into account your customizations, features, height, weight, delivery time, and complexity in design.

Making your purchase Decision

When making your purchase decision, it’s important to take in all the factors that will affect your overall pricing. When considering your final purchase, take into account what kind of bong will serve you best depending on size and materials. Also, remember what kind of custom features are most important to you to pick out the best ones for your bong. When assessing the value of your bong, everything comes into account including the size, material, custom features, and type that all make up the bong.