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Smoking Glass as an Investment - Is a Quality Bong Worth It?

| Madison Gillespie


When it comes to enjoying a smoking lifestyle, it goes without saying that diving into the world of glass is an investment. However, it’s an investment that goes a long way. Investing in smoking glass gives you access to the high-quality world of smoking. Sure smoking a joint gets the job done for most people, but if you’re looking to enjoy a much more supreme smoking experience – then investing in glass is just right for you.

The Value of Handmade Glass Pieces

Limited editions and unique designs

Whether you’re a collector or a novice in smoking glass, going in for limited editions and unique designs of glass pieces is an attractive way to express artistic and personal value toward your smoking experience. Some great benefits of using limited-edition glass include the increased value inherent to the piece. Limited edition glass is in much higher demand than regular glass, making it much more valuable. Its increased value and rarity make for an attractive purchase for those looking to possess a distinct and striking piece of glass. Those who have limited-edition glass also have an asset that can be appreciated as the artist who produced it becomes more popular or if the piece becomes an iconic part of their catalog.

Durability and Longevity of Glass

Maintenance for Longevity

It’s important to preserve the value of your unique glass by regularly cleaning and maintaining it. After all, what good is a high-quality unique piece of custom glass if it’s dirty? That’s where performing maintenance for longevity comes in. If you pay attention to your piece and provide regular cleaning to it, then you can help preserve the piece for many years to come. Regular cleaning techniques such as the use of isopropyl alcohol and baking soda to de-grime your glass remain effective. However, for more ornate pieces with complex decorative elements, it’s just as important to clean the outside of your glass as well as the inside.

Custom Glass Pipes

One type of investment-worthy glass includes custom glass pipes. These are a great starting place for those curious about investing in high-end
glass, as they’re much more inexpensive compared to large glass pieces. Some great custom glass pipes you can find on Giggle Glass include the Blue & Purple Crushed Opal Dischro Hand Pipe by Sean Hegeman, a hand-blown piece of fine multi-colored craftsmanship – or the complex and intricate Linework Hammer Pipe With UV piece by Aaron Uretsky, that glows in the dark with UV-reactive linework. As you can see, there’s a great variety of custom pieces with varying degrees of complexity to boot.

Collectible Bong and Rigs

Collectible bongs and rigs are the logical next step for those looking to get further invested in the world of investment-worthy glass. On Giggle Glass, there’s an almost overwhelming variety of quality bongs ranging from glass bongs, mini bongs, beaker base bongs, percolator bongs, LED Bongs, and so on. For dab rigs, you have the same level of custom choice available to you. Each one of these pieces has a unique personal touch done for the express purpose of creating high-quality, artistic, and collectible bongs and rings.

Artisanal One-of-a-Kind Pieces

Naturally, there are pieces out there that are created to be so unique that they’re one of a kind. What exactly makes these pieces one of a kind? Well, it has to do with the artist’s intention. Glass artists who create custom high-class pieces are fond of creating rare pieces that not only express their capabilities and taste, but also to create pieces that can’t be easily duplicated. Such uniqueness only goes to make these pieces much more
valuable and interesting.

Market Trends and Demand

Increasing Popularity of Glass Art

The market for custom glass art has only been increasing over time. As the smoking experience becomes more universal as it slides further into the mainstream culture, more and more smokers both avid and new are out seeking custom glass art that can serve as both a decorative and functional piece. Considering how cannabis is becoming legal and more accessible across the nation, it’s a natural pipeline that funnels more interest into the custom glass market. With how easy it is to find such custom pieces, using sites like Giggle Glass, it’s no surprise how popularity only increases for glass art.

Factors Influencing Market Value

Along with the popularity of smoking influencing market values, there are many other factors that influence market value. Factors like artist reputation and skill also have an effect. As more custom glass artists gain popularity through their work, word of mouth of their work brings more attention to the custom glass market. Whether it’s from celebrity endorsements or general popularity amongst smokers, the influence of popular glass artists go a long way to drive up market value for their pieces. Other factors include market availability and general economic conditions. Luckily, the market availability is quite vast, as multiple galleries, smoke shops, and online platforms exist to easily distribute custom glass. Economic conditions affect whether or not it’s affordable for most people to purchase custom glass art. However, despite the ups and downs that may occur in the economy, there is usually enough interest to keep the glass market at a baseline level of success.

Buying Tips for Investors

Identifying Quality Craftsmanship

It’s important to verify the authenticity and quality of the custom glass pieces you might be purchasing. Typically artists will include a brand signature or logo on their work. This is a good starting point to verify quality. Going further, to discern the quality of your piece you should look to see the quality of the material. Typically high-quality smoking glass is made from borosilicate glass – a durable and heat resistant material that can be determined by it’s clarity. You should also pay attention to the workmanship present in the piece by keeping an eye out for seamless joints on the parts of the glass fused together, as well as clean welds without bubbles or cracks.

Recognizing Valuable Pieces

When it comes to recognizing valuable pieces, there are quite a few ways to see for yourself the value of an individual piece. Usually, a high-quality valuable piece has visually striking features like unique colorations and complex designs. Taking a closer look at these pieces might also reveal if any innovative techniques were used like fuming or sandblasting were used to make the piece, which is indicative of a valuable piece.


It’s more than worth your time and money to invest in smoking glass. The high-end custom smoking glass market is one that is not only increasing in popularity and appreciation, but in value as well. Investing in a unique one-of-a-kind smoking piece crafted by a talented glass artist truly levels up not just your smoking experience, but your experience as an enjoyer of fine art and craftsmanship.

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