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Must Have Bong Accessories

| Tom Parry


Bongs are an essential part of every smoker's repertoire, as it’s one of the most popular and efficient ways to smoke. Most people are satisfied with just a stock bong to enjoy their bud, however, you would be remiss to not elevate your bong smoking experience with these must-have bong accessories. Accessories like percolators and ice catchers can take an average bong and turn it into a truly remarkable smoking experience. In this article, I’ll list some of these must-have accessories that will make not only your smoking experience better, but also impress your friends.


Benefits of Using Percolators

The importance of percolators as an accessory for your bong cannot be understated. Designed to improve the filtration and cooling of the smoke, a percolator makes the already smooth experience of smoking through a bong and makes it even smoother. So much so that with the right percolator, you won’t even notice how large of a hit you’re taking. But what type of percolator should you use? There is a plethora of options available for you to choose from, ranging from tree, honeycomb, showerhead, inline, and matrix percolators. When selecting a percolator, your choice depends on what smoking experience you prefer, some percolators have more drag, while others offer smoother hits.

Bowl Attachments

Choosing the Right Bowl Attachment

Bowl attachments for bongs are a way to shake up your smoking experience, as each type can offer unique functionalities that will enhance your smoking experience. Types of bowl attachments include standard, deep, screen, multi-hole, flower, concentrate, and themed bowls. A deep bowl is useful for holding much more bud as it’s deeper and wider than a standard bowl. A screen bowl has a titular built-in screen that prevents any
bud from falling through the bowl into the bong. Multi-hole bowls use multiple smaller holes to offer improved airflow and reduce the possibility of clogging. Flower bowls are similar to standard bowls but also more streamlined in design for smoking buds. Likewise, concentrate bowls are streamlined for smoking concentrates rather than bud. Finally, thematic bowls add custom flair and design to your bowl. Of course, depending on your preferences, each bowl has its use for each smoking experience. However, it’s also important to ensure that whatever bowl attachment you plan on getting is fitted for your bong type and provides decent functionality.


How Downstems Enhance Your Bong

Downstems are a great way to enhance the overall functionality of your bong, providing improved filtration, cooling, diffusion, and so on. The downstem works by creating a vacuum that sucks the smoke into the bong, filtered through holes that filter and diffuse the smoke while filtering out rough particles in the smoke. The smoke travels through the water in the bong continuing to cool and filter it until the smoke is sucked up through the chamber to be inhaled. A downstem is downright essential for the bong smoking experience.

Bong Cleaners

Effective Cleaning Solutions

Continued use of a bong naturally leads to wear and tear in the form of residual gunk build-up inside the bong itself and the bowl piece. For both to be cleaned, using effective cleaning solutions is a must. Such cleaning solutions include combinations of isopropyl alcohol (your best friend for cleaning smoking paraphernalia), distilled vinegar, salt, and baking soda. Of course, specialized bong cleaners are available for purchase,
but with these above components, DIY cleaning is easy and effective.

Bong Cases

Types of Protective Cases

Whenever moving your bong around, whether just around the house or taken for long distance, protective cases help to keep your bong protected from the elements and any potential damage that could occur. Types of bong cases include soft cases, which provide basic protection against scratches and minor impacts, making them useful for carrying around the house. Hard cases are much more durable and can save your bong from shattering after a bad fall. These hard cases are bulkier but secure, making them effective for travel. You also have hybrid cases that offer a balance between soft and hard case, as well as custom-fit cases that can be made to fit your specific bong. Some popular bong cases include the RYOT SmellSafe Hard Case, Pelican 1200 Case, and Skunk Mr. Slick Backpack.

Diffuser Beads

How Diffuser Beads Improve Filtration

Diffuser beads are small glass or plastic beads that can be added to the water chamber to your bong. They help to break up the smoke into smaller bubbles and increase how much the water helps to filter the smoke. They work by breaking the smoke up, which increases diffusion and allows more of the smoke to come in contact with the water, helping to trap harsher particles from the smoke in the water. Overall, diffuser beads give your bong enhanced filtration, and provides a longevity to your bongs cleanliness.

Ice Catchers

Benefits of Using Ice Catchers

Ice catchers are an incredibly popular accessory for bongs, especially since the action of placing ice into a bong is an already popular technique amongst smokers. What the ice catcher does is make this technique much more effective by utilizing notches in the neck of the bong, creating a resting point for the ice to sit. With ice situated in the neck of your bong, now the smoke pulled from it will be much cooler and easier on the lungs. If you seem to cough every time you take a rip, ice catchers make it so that you probably won’t even cough once.

Custom Mouthpieces

Popular Custom Designs

A custom mouthpiece not only looks nice but can also make for a more comfortable and hygienic smoking experience. Some popular custom designs include mouthpieces made from glass, silicone, metal, wood, or acrylic. Each of these material options entails artistic variations and designs that help to give them unique looks and feel. Whether you’d like a playful or artistic design, there is an abundance of options available to choose from.


Overall, I highly recommend that you have these accessories for your bong, as each one provides either functional or aesthetic improvements to your bong. Bong smoking is already a pleasurable experience, so the best way to make the most out of it and make it even better is to have these accessories that take your bong smoking experience above and beyond.

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