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Must Have Bowl Accessories

| Tom Parry


One of the most convenient ways to smoke has always been the bowl. Compact and lightweight, every smoker worth their salt typically has one or two bowls ready on standby. However, what’s often overlooked are the bowl accessories that elevate the bowl smoking experience. Accessories like glass
screens and bowl stands help heighten your enjoyability while smoking a bowl. In this article, I’ll highlight some of the essential must-have bowl accessories.

Glass Screens

Benefits of using Glass Screens

Glass screens are very useful, they help to prevent ash and other small particles from being inhaled or clogging up the bowl, as well as improve the airflow through the bowl and protect the bowl from heat. Overall, this guarantees a much better bowl-smoking experience than smoking a bowl without one. Some glass screens include daisies, jack, and disk screens. Each one can come in different sizes for different bowls. Glass screens are easily cleaned, making them highly reusable.

Bowl Stands

Choosing The Right Stand For Your Bowl

Bowl stands are a great practical accessory used to hold your bowls while not using them. This is a much more effective way of storing your bowls compared to leaving them strewn about on the coffee table or in the junk drawer. A bowl stand keeps your bowls organized and protected and serves as a stylish display for your collection. With a wide variety of materials, sizes, and types of stands to choose from, there is no shortage of customization to be had when picking out a stand or stand for yourself. Most smoke shops sell stands and custom stands can be bought for those seeking a personal touch.

Pipe Cleaners

Effective Cleaning Techniques

Pipe cleaners are essential for cleaning and maintaining bowls. After using a bowl for repeat smoking sessions, they can very quickly get clogged up. A pipe cleaner will remove the tar and debris that gets stuck on the inside of your pipe. Not only does regular cleaning of your pipes keep them in good condition, but also helps to maintain good hygiene by removing moisture and bacteria buildup. To effectively clean your bowl, first, you should separate your bowl pieces if possible, and soak the pieces in isopropyl alcohol. Next, insert a pipe cleaner through the stem and into the bowl, twisting as you go to scrub the entire interior of the piece. Repeat as many times with as many pipe cleaners as necessary to get as much of it as clean as
you can. Finally, you can let the bowl piece dry before putting it to use again. After giving your bowl a good clean, you’ll see a much better performance, almost like new if cleaned often.

Cleaning Solution

DIY Cleaning Solutions

The most tried and true cleaning solution for bowls is 99% Isopropyl Pure Alcohol. Found commonly across drug stores and smoke shops, Iso pure alcohol is a surefire way to loosen up all of the nasty gunk build-up in your pipes. However, if you were looking to clean your pipe even further, then using something like Dawn dish soap is a great follow-up solution to further clean resin from inside the pipe. You can also use salt or baking soda combined with iso propyl, hydrogen peroxide, or distilled white vinegar to create your DIY cleaning solutions.

Odor-Proof Containers

Tips for Storing Your Accessories

Sometimes a little discretion is best when it comes to keeping your bowl pieces stored away. That means keeping the potent smell of a used bowl piece at bay in an odor-proof container. You have plenty of options when it comes to the types of containers to be used, it can be bags, jars, cases, or pouches. Using any type of odor-proof container helps not only to conceal the odor of your pieces but also helps to keep your pieces preserved. When picking out a container, you want to make sure it has an airtight seal and is durable. Make sure to regularly clean your containers to preserve odor-proofing capacities.

Protective Cases

Types Of Protective Cases

One of the best things about using a bowl piece is how easy it is to store and take with you on the go. However, you should remember that despite how easy it is to transport because of it’s size, it’s not unbreakable. This is where having a protective case comes in handy. A case is essential for keeping your glass pipes safe from any potential damage. Depending on where and how you’re transporting your bowls determines what kind of protective case you should use. A hard case is rigid and made from durable material like plastic, meaning that it’s best used for long-distance transportation where you might have to store your bowls away. A soft case on the other hand, is made from softer, more flexible material like leather or fabric. Using a
soft case is great for just carrying your bowl on your person as you walk to the park, travel to a friend’s house, and so on.

Custom Bowls and Slides

Popular Custom Designs

Custom bowls and slides are
great for those seeking a personalized touch for their pieces. A custom design can serve to reflect your tastes and preferences, as well as serve as a functional piece. Whether it’s aesthetic, functionality, or collection you’re after, custom designs are a great choice for bowl enjoyers. Some popular types and designs of custom bowls and slides include glass, which typically show off custom colors, patterns, and designs on them. Ceramic, which is very durable and long lasting. Metal, which gives your piece a sleek and clean look. And finally, wooden, which is a throwback type of piece that is likened to old tobacco pipes. Each of these can be customized with different colors and patterns, featuring incorporations of artwork, engravings, and inlays.

Cooling Attachments

How Cooling Attachments Improve Your Experience

Cooling attachments are used to cool the smoke of your bowl before inhalation to make for a much smoother hit. Bowls are known to typically hit rougher than something like a bong, therefore a cooling attachment can truly elevate your bowl smoking experience by making it much easier on the lungs. If you have a real palette for smoking too, then the cooling of the smoke helps to keep the flavor of your bud as pure as possible. There are an incredible number of types of cooling attachments you can choose from, ranging from glycerin coils, to attachable water chambers and pre-coolers. If you regularly smoke, your lungs will thank you every time you take a cooled hit from your bowl piece, as they’ll be much less irritated.


With how common owning a bowl is across the board for all smokers, it can't be stressed enough how far these attachments will go for raising your enjoyment of your bowl smoking experience. Whether it’s the general maintenance of your bowls, the customization of it, or the enhancement of it, these accessories all serve a valuable purpose as complements to your bowl pieces. Each one of these should be acquired by every bowl owner to make the most of their smoking experience.

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