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Must Have Dab Rig Accessories

| Madison Gillespie


The dab rig is one of the most potent and quality ways to smoke. Smoking wax dabs is a one-of-a-kind experience, bypassing the usually slow build-up associated with smoking flower. The THC concentration found in dabs gives you a much more powerful high. Using a quality dab rig to smoke dabs with is essential for maximizing your dab. Not only does having a quality dab rig affect the quality of your experience but the accessories you use are just as crucial. Accessories like directional carb caps and bubble caps can help control airflow and maximize vaporization. In this article, I’ll walk through some of the best accessories for the two most popular rig types: Carta and Puffco.

Essential accessories for Puffco Dab Rigs

Puffco Glass attachments

Glass attachments for Puffco Glass include percolation water filtration, which helps facilitate smoother hits by recycling water through the rig. Smoking dabs can be especially harsh, so this attachment is a great way to make those harsh hits go down a lot easier. For some creative flair, look into buying a custom glass attachment, which adds an aesthetic appeal and improves the cooling of the vapor.

Puffco Carb Caps

Carb caps either, directional or bubble, both help to control airflow. However, the directional carb cap is considered better for also maximizing vaporization, while the bubble cap helps to better control the temperature of the vapor.

Puffco Travel Packs

A dab rig is a precious cargo! What better way to protect it when you’re on the go than with a Puffco travel pack? These are usually found as hard-shell cases or soft pouches. The hard-shell case is a bit bulkier but offers the most protection. The soft pouch is a great convenience but will only provide you with basic protection.

Essential Accessories for Carta Dab Rigs

Carta Glass Add-Ons

Like the Puffco glass attachments, there are a variety of Carta glass attachments. Recycler attachments help to recycle water within the rig, giving you a much smoother and cooler hit as the vapor circulates through multiple chambers. A mini-glass recycler offers a lightweight alternative with the same benefits as their full-size counterparts. Percolator attachments such as a Showerhead Perc or Tree Perc adds extra layers of filtration of cooling. Cartas also allow for custom glass pieces for artistic pieces to be added, adding another layer of aesthetic appeal.

Carta Carb Caps

Carb Caps are designed for much better airflow control. You’ve got the standard Carb Cap that provides a seal over the atomizer, inducing more pressure for effective vaporization. These are typically made of glass or metal and are easy to use and clean. The Directional Carb Cap, Bubble Carb Cap, Spinner Cap, and Silicone Carb Cap Tether all provide optimization for your dab smoking experience with specific variations in design that are up for individual preference and dab rig compatibility.

Carta Cleaning Kits

When it comes time to clean out a well-worn dab rig, there are a few essentials that’ll help get it done right. These essentials include dab swabs, Isopropyl Alcohol, and silicone containers. Dab swabs are essentially Q-tips to be used in conjunction with Isopropyl Alcohol to clean hard-to-reach areas insider the atomizer and around the base. The isopropyl helps to dissolve any gunk and residue that are in these places.Using silicone containers filled with isopropyl is useful for soaking smaller pieces like carb caps and atomizers to clean them completely.

Universal Dab Rig Accessories


Dab Tools and Dabbers

Dabbers are the key component in handling your wax concentrates and loading them into the rig. These are offered in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes, all with their own benefits. Titanium dabbers are extremely durable and resistant to heat, as well as easy to clean. Stainless steel dabbers are much more affordable compared to titanium, and still provide reliable heat resistance. A glass dabber provides you with the option for cosmetic variation and preserves the flavor of the wax effectively. For the shape of your dabber you have scoop, pointed, flat, ball point, and dual-ended dabbers.

Quartz Bangers and Nails

Quartz bangers and nails are useful for their ability to withstand the high heat applied to them and providing clean hits. Some quartz bangers include the flat top, thermal, opaque and core reactor banger. The flat top is very compatible with many types of carb caps, the thermal is designed to retain heat much longer, the opaque heats up faster, and the core reactor also helps with heat retention. Many of these banger variations choices comes down to what personally feels best for you. Quartz nails like the domeless and e-nail compatible quartz nail are both easy to use, clean, and last for a long time. The domeless provides a large dish for easy dabbing, while the e-nail is meant for electronic-nail use.

Silicone Containers and Mats

The use of a silicone container and mat helps to keep your wax secure and protected from the elements. Some containers you may come across include divided, non-stick, and jar containers. A divided container has multiple compartments so you can store multiple strains in one (so long as you remember which is which). A non-container makes it much easier to remove your concentrates from it with no mess, and a jar provides a large storage
space for a large quantity of concentrate. Mats are similar in this pattern of variety. Standard mats are nothing crazy, but allow you a clean workspace to handle your wax. A textured mat is stable and secure in it’s positioning, keeping it from sliding around. Of course there’s always a custom mat for you
to have functionality and expression in one package.

High-Tech Accessories

E-nails and Temperature controllers

The E-nail is a nifty device that adds a level of convenience to your dabbing experience. The “electronic nail” makes it so that a torch is no longer necessary to heat your dabs. The e-mail allows for temperature control for the end of it so that you can vaporize your dab at the preferred temperature. These little guys can stay heated for an extended period of time, no reheat required. Of course, the lack of an open flame element makes it so that the e-nail is the much safer choice for a dab session compared to a torch. You simply connect the heating coil to the nail and the control box, power it on, and select your desired temperature, then you can dab away. With some regular cleaning and maintenance, an e-nail will serve you well for a long time.

LED Attachments

LED attachments serve both a functional and aesthetic purpose. You can have LEDs integrated into your rig or dab tools or both. These LED attachments give you dab smoking experience a fresh ambience as well as providing illumination for those late night dab sessions. With a variety of colors and lighting modes like flashing or fading colors, the LED attachments for your set-up brings attention to your rig and creates a unique smoking vibe.

Portable Power Solutions

Using a portable power solution makes for a seamless dabbing experience. With a portable charging kit, you can rest easy knowing that whenever your rig runs low on power, you can simply charge it back up again and get back to your smoke session.

Customization and Personalization

Custom mouthpieces and attachments

A custom mouthpiece will help suit whatever your smoking desires are, whether functional or aesthetic. Perhaps you prefer a larger mouth piece or a smaller one. Customization of these pieces allows you to pick what works best for you. On top of that, a custom piece can be fitted to a custom design, adding even more of a stylish component to your dab rig.

Decorative and Functional Upgrades

A decorative and functional upgrade will go a long way for your dab rig in making it unique and personable. Many great custom glass artists have produced decorative dab rig pieces that are unmatched in quality and design. Whether its an intimidating dragon crafted with sleek black glass, or a multi color octopus with intricate tendrils spread around the rig, there are plenty of custom decorative and functional options that heighten your dab rig from just any plain old thing into a bold artistic statement.


Overall, if you want to get the absolute most out of your dab rig and dabbing experience, then it’s imperative for you to look towards these essential and must-have accessories that pair with your rig like peanut butter and jelly. Whether it’s specific accessories for Carta or Puffco rigs, or general accessories that every dab rig owner should have – high-tech advancements of dabbing technology, or even a completely unique rig design, look out for these key components for quality dab smoking experiences. Luckily, Giggle Glass can help you cover nearly all the bases when it comes to quality
custom dab rigs.

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