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Light Up Your Sesh with LED and Light Up Bongs

| Madison Gillespie
Features like LED Lights in Bongs and other custom glass smoking pieces
have been becoming more popular as the technology continues to advance. Learn more about the practice here.

Ignite Your Sesh: The LED Revolution

Reimagine your smoke sessions with an infusion of color with an LED bong. These creations are lit in both aesthetic and function making for a great go-to piece for any smoker’s bong collection. Come explore the ever increasingly popular world of light up bongs and find the
piece for you!

Spotlight: Javier Vazquez’s Creations

For a master in the technology to add LED lights and magnets to hand-blown glass, look no further than Javier Vazquez. Javier has worked with glass his entire life, coming from a family tradition that can be traced back 85 years in Spain. He has been called upon by the likes of Nic Cage and Jay Leno to create custom pieces with only the best detail allowed. Javier is the perfect example of when craftsmanship meets innovation.

Javier Vazquez

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  • Mastered the technology to add LED lights and magnets in hand blow glass
  • Developed Brix Product Line with imbedded Superheroes, Cartoons and other Characters
  • Built line of Puffco Attachments that are world class
  • Crafts Heady Art with amazing features
  • Family-owned business started by Javier and Sarah Vazquez in 2010 in a little place called Old Town Temecula in California
  • Javier comes from a family of glass blowers from Spain dating back 85 years
  • He worked at Disneyland for 27 years making glass products such as wedding cake toppers, princesses and carriages and has been blowing glass for over 40 years
  • Javier is a supremely talented glass artist who has also developed stunning celebrity pieces including
    - A royal castle for Nicholas Cage
    - A custom chopper for Jay Leno

Why LED? A Glimpse Beyond the Glow

Beyond Ordinary: The Appeal

Hand-blown glass with LED gives you the option to have a totally unique bong all your own that will capture the attention of every person who tries it out. Especially with many people smoking at night, having LED on your bong becomes a mesmerizing experience. Not only will you have a gentle light to help see things, but the aesthetic of the light alone will have you stopped and staring day and night once the session begins as you inhale colored smoke of whatever you desire.

The LED Edge: Performance and Style

Tech Meets Glass: The Fusion

How does it work? LED bongs can be achieved a few different ways, but they usually have a small LED system either around the base or neck of the piece. Especially with water inside with piece, the LED will be reflected all around to create a breathtaking aesthetic that is further enhanced when the color changes.

Relax, vibe with some music and gentle colors while watching your friends consume colored smoke. See what it means to lose yourself in a vibe.

Selection Simplified: Finding Your Match

The Vasquez Vision: Choosing Your Piece

With custom designs available, there are endless possibilities to infuse LED into your smoke session behind an expert like Javier Vasquez. Crafting the perfect angles with high quality technique and materials, you can’t go wrong with Vasquez LED piece.

Care Tips: Keeping the Light Bright

For the best effect from your LEDs, having crystal clear glass is crucial. With reflection being such a driving factor in the mesmerizing power of LEDs, you’ll have to remove the non-reflective rosin and ash that will impede the show. To do this, just partake in regular cleanings with isopropyl alcohol, warm water, and salt.

The Future Illuminated: What’s Next for LED Glass?

The possibilities for this style of piece are endless. Especially with experts like Javier Vasquez, if you can dream it, he can do it. As the popularity of this style rises, so does the demand for further increasing innovation in this field. The future of LED bongs is sure to be an exciting one!

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LED and Light Up Bong FAQs

LED bongs are powered via a small battery compartment and corresponding batteries.
Simply turn on the little switch and you’ll be on your way to a colorful session.

Generally, flower is going to be the best bet for an LED bong. But if you can get a hold of
the proper attachments for concentrates, you can dab on these as well.

The best practice is to regularly clean your bong with warm water and isopropyl alcohol
to keep your glass crystal clear and ready for light!

The mesmerizing effect of LED bongs is a great crowd pleaser, ice breaker,
conversation piece, and stoner entertainment. These pieces always capture the attention of the
group and lays a great foundation for a memorable sesh.

LED bongs aren’t necessarily more expensive than non-light up pieces. More standard,
well made models can run a couple hundred dollars whereas custom pieces can cost much
more depending on what you want to achieve.