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The Difference in Bong Glass Thickness: USA Made vs Imported Glass

| Tom Parry
Glass thickness is often directly tied to the quality and craftsmanship of a bong, and is something that must be paid attention to. Read more here.

Introduction to Bong Glass Thickness

At first glance, two bongs may appear to be identical. But under the surface, a different story of quality and durability may be raging. Glass thickness is often directly tied to the quality and craftsmanship of a bong, and is something that must be paid attention to if you’re looking to purchase a long-term piece for your collection. Read on with us today as we explore the importance of glass thickness in bongs and how USA-made, quality bongs will be just what you’re looking for.

The Importance of Glass Thickness in Bongs

Bongs aren’t known for being particularly cheap. So why invest in a glass piece that is just waiting to break if you accidentally hit it against a table? This is what you’re signing up for with an imported, thin glass bong.

Instead,while you may have a slightly bigger price tag upfront, quality USA-made thick glass will pay for itself with the premier experience and longevity it provides. Hits will be smoother and taste better while the piece feels firm in your hand. You can pass it around the circle with little fear of a random catastrophic glass failure.


Differences Between USA Made and Imported Glass

While glass thickness is majorly important, there are some other features that often go hand in hand with quality bongs versus imported glass. Let’s explore some of these reasons users experience when comparing American-made to imported glass:

Quality of Materials Used

USA-made glass not only will have thicker, sturdier walls, but the glass itself is of better quality. This works two-fold with the thicker walls to provide a fantastically strong base for your bong. With quality glass and craftsmanship, you’ll be amazed at just how strong glass can be.

Production Process

When buying USA-made glass, the production process is clear. You will know that only the strongest, best practices are being used to create a durable, safe, ready to use bong. With so much access to the production process, the door is opened with USA-made glass to have extreme levels of customizability where you can work with an artist to create a truly unique, quality piece all your own.

Standards and Regulations

The imported pieces you may see at a gas station are just not exposed to the same rigors as American-made glass. This, in turn, means that there is more variance in the quality of product being imported, which rarely translates into a good purchase on your behalf. With imported glass, you’re often waiting to find out what’s wrong with it. American-made glass, with the standards and regulations applied here, will inherently produce much better products.

Benefits of USA Made Bong Glass

After exploring why USA-made bongs are of a higher quality, it’s also important to understand how this translates to your sessions. Here are the main benefits to investing and using quality USA-made bongs:


Your American-made bong is meant to last and withstand the damages that will come with use. It’s impossible to fully shield functional glass, like a bong, from dangers that could crack it. With quality craftsmanship and material, the chance for breaking are drastically reduced.

Purity of Smoke

Many users switching to American-made bongs will note how much more pure their hits feel. With proper airflow, even heating, and thorough filtration, your sessions will see an instant improvement when using a USA-made bong.

Better Heat Resistance

With the better quality glass comes better heat resistance as well. This can be extremely important; with regular use or intense sessions, one part of your bong will be receiving a lot of heat. With imported glass, this temperature difference can become a catalyst for cracks and breaks. With quality American-made glass, this temperature imbalance becomes a fear of the past.

Cost Comparison Between USA Made and Imported Glass

While USA-made glass bongs are usually going to be slightly more expensive than imported pieces up front, the long term cost breakdown will favor the quality, American-made piece. Your quality American-made piece is going to last longer and provide better sessions along the way. Perhaps you save a few bucks at purchase going imported, but when you're back later in the year to buy another bong, you’ll quickly be losing out on what could’ve been a one time purchase had you gone with a quality product.

How to Identify USA Made Bong Glass

When looking for a USA-made bong, there are a few ways to tell what you’re dealing with. The easiest way is to find a quality American-made brand and seek out their products. Companies like Giggle Glass can be a one-stop shop for your glass collection with a guarantee that you’ll be receiving quality glass.

If you don’t have a brand in mind, try to get your hands on the bong for an inspection. Feel the glass in your hands, examine the walls and look for any warping or unnatural looking seams. If you have doubts on the quality after picking it up, that bong isn’t for you. Keep looking, or seek out a business that only deals with quality products.

Shop USA Custom Glass Artists with Giggle Glass

Not only does shopping at Giggle Glass connect you with a talented artist that can hook you up with a quality bong, but your connection to a real business also opens opportunities for customizing bongs or outfitting your piece with fancy accessories. Buying American-made glass goes beyond just swiping your card, it’s a real connection that you’ll feel with your artist while enjoying your quality session compliments of the craftsmanship provided by USA-made bongs.

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