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Why Buy USA-Made Bongs and Glass

| Madison Gillespie

Improve your smoke session with a unique, American-made bong all your own as you support local artists and your local community. The choice is easy, get yourself an USA-made bong.

Your glass piece is an intimate piece of your life. Having glass you can trust, glass that you’re proud of, can make or break your smoking sessions. American-made bongs and bowls are the best way to guarantee you’re happy with your product. The list of important details behind USA-made glass is long, but includes such features as superior quality, unique designs, local craftsmanship, and a final product that can be beat.

USA Made Bongs

USA Made Bowls

The real deal on quality and durability

USA-made glass is the best way to ensure you have a quality product that can withstand use. Bongs and bowls aren’t just an aesthetic, they are called upon to have routine functionality as well. Getting American-made glass takes the stress out of hunting down the perfect glass; you’ll know you have a great product just by the name on the sticker. 

Cool and unique designs you won’t find anywhere else

Beyond just a superior product in your hands, USA-made smoking glass also has a heavy focus on superior aesthetics. There is no shortage of unique designs that are exclusive to American-made products and there are plenty of opportunities for you to speak with a local artist to commission a custom product.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy USA-Made Bongs and Glass

Superior quality and durability

The glass is always of high quality and can withstand daily use.

Unique and creative designs

There is the perfect glass aesthetic available for you, no matter your design preferences.

Supporting local artisans and economy

Your money goes back into the economy and helps your neighbors!

Transparency in production

See first-hand how your product is made and get the piece of mind that you choose right.

Exceptional customer service

Got a problem with your piece? You can talk directly with the manufacturers to make sure you’re happy with your product.

The Truth About American vs Imported Glass

Why Cheaper isn’t always better

A huge appeal to imported bongs is the cheap prices you can find them at. But you’re paying the difference elsewhere in poor craftsmanship and shotty materials. There is a reason these pieces are that much cheaper and it’s not a good thing.

Common issues with imported glass

Many of these imported products are just waiting to jam or break. Poor craftsmanship leaves the glass with debilitating creases that will break under any sort of pressure while having thin walls that are waiting to crack if dropped. Enjoy the sessions you can have on an imported piece because surely the glass won’t last long.

Behind the Scenes of American Glassblowing

With American-made glass, you can meet your artist. See how they got into glassblower, what their continuing inspiration is, and see the logic behind why they choose to have certain features. Many glass blowers use their own product meaning that they are always seeing ways to improve their product, improvements that will find their way into your home and enhance your sessions.

American glass blowers have no shortage of stories to tell from the shop. These people are in the glass game every day and usually have some great tales that reflect their experience. If you’re invested in finding the perfect glass for you, the conversation will surely be flowing.

What You’re Really Paying For

It’s not just a bong, it’s an investment

Bongs are ideally an investment towards a long-term companion. Many users find they get attached to their glass and go as far as to name their pieces. Find a bong you want to marry for years to come; the best way to do this is by seeking American-made glass, which is designed to last.

The alternative, with imported glass, usually results in a much shorter relationship between you and your bong. In turn, you’ll be spending more money to get a new bong when the previous one breaks. In this scenario, spending a little more upfront for a quality product will save you money over the long haul. 

The extra mile: customer service and warranties

Unhappy with your American-made product? Reach out to your artist! American-made glass usually has fantastic customer service and perhaps even warranties to go with their products, something you just won’t find for imported bongs.

The Bigger Picture: Your Purchase Makes a Difference

How buying American supports more than just the seller

When buying American-made, the product is superior, but you’re also supporting the local economy. This is another great reason to make the investment. Your support of local artisans in turn boosts local communities and can improve other aspects of your life outside of a smoking session. 

Keep traditional crafts alive

There is no shortage of mass produced glass to be consumed. There is nothing special about these pieces. Buying local, American-made products keeps real craftsmen alive and upholds traditions that make us unique. 


The Future of American Glassblowing

 Where are we headed?

With American-made glass, the future is bright! Craftsmen are continuously improving their products through personal experience and customer feedback. Every year new features are designed and refined to move towards the next generation of glass in our sessions.

How American glass blowers are shaping the industry

As local craftsmen continue to improve and refine the industry, there is extra focus on features like airflow and quality of life improvements. Already we are seeing simple, yet effective ash catchers to drastically improve the cleanup process while percolation areas are improved to increase airflow, yet maintain an easy to clean product. With support, American-made glass will only continue to improve and develop more techniques to improve your smoking session.

Wrapping it Up: Making the Choice That’s Right for You

Without a doubt, American-made smoking glass is the superior product! The extra durability that comes with wonderful functionality creates glass that is second to none. Improve your smoke session with a unique, American-made bong all your own as you support local artists and your local community. The choice is easy, get yourself an American-made bong for your next glass purchase!

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