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Shopping by Bong Size Guide: 20+ Inches

| Tom Parry

 Introduction to Bongs 20+ Inches

Bongs 20 inches and above fall into the largest demographic of bongs: extra-large. Extra-large bongs bring a whole new level to the size and strength that can be harnessed during your smoke sessions. Take your friends breath away with a piece beyond the size of anything they have seen before.

Read on to see what the hype is all about with extra-large bongs. See why people continue to invest in these humongous pieces, how/why they can hit extra hard, and what to look for when making an extra-large bong purchase. Treat yourself to a superior smoking experience with an extra-large piece! 

The Appeal of Extra-Large Bongs

The appeal of extra-large bongs is huge! Pieces this size can provide humongous hits to send you to the metaphorical moon, but still have room for smaller, gentler hits as well. Beyond being able to scale your hit how you see fit, the quality of life smoking with an extra-large bong has unlimited potential. Pieces this size can easily be fit with ice catchers and ash catchers to provide a clean, smooth hit that is unlike anything else. 

Buying American Made Extra-Large Bongs Custom from Giggle Glass

For extra-large bongs, quality is key. These pieces aren’t cheap; to have your extra-large piece break is a major loss. To battle this, you should only pursue extra-large bongs made by trusted sources and with quality material. 

The artists at Giggle Glass have precisely what you want in an extra-large bong manufacturer. Years of experience creating beautiful, resilient glass has given Giggle Glass the reputation they deserve. Their pieces not only are more durable, but provide a tremendous smoke within a wonderful aesthetic.

Design and Functionality

Creating an extra-large bong is more than just sculpting glass 2 feet high. The intricate details inside a large piece can really make or break it. At Giggle Glass, functionality is key, and this shows by how they design their pieces. Not only will your extra-large bong provide extra-large hits, but they will also be extra smooth thanks to extra filtration and percolation. Together, this creates an extremely functional piece that is ready for everyday use. 

Material and Build - Why USA Made Matters

Two bongs made from the same material may, in fact, be drastically different in their build. This is why choosing a trusted manufacturer who uses quality materials is huge. Extra-large bongs that have warps or creases in their design are destined to fail. One wrong move, one pick-up the wrong way, and a poor-quality bong will turn into a heap of expensive broken glass. Don’t waste your time with crappy glass, buy USA-made glass and get a piece that will last!

Size Specifics

2-Foot Bongs

At 24-inches tall, 2-foot bongs are amongst the smallest pieces that classify as extra-large. The 24 inches provide plenty of room for a great hit; you can fill the entire 2 feet with smoke prior to removing the bowl and taking the final pull. 2 feet provide plenty of room for accessories and filtration to give you a smooth hit as you pull a fantastic amount of smoke. These pieces aren’t exactly portable, but a two-foot tall bong certainly looks great on a coffee table at home.

3-Foot Bongs

3-foot tall bongs provide another foot for extra features and filtration. Bongs this size hit hard, but also smooth. They can certainly relegate you to a couch for the duration of your session. These pieces, similar to all extra-large bongs, are not portable. Pieces this size make for a great at-home piece that will have your friends flocking to your place to have a session with your 36-inch bong.

 4-Foot Bongs

4-Foot tall bongs provide the upper echelon for extra-large pieces. At 48 inches tall, bongs this size are beginning to approach the height of a small adult! That is a ton of room for quality of life accessories and filtration as well as 48 inches to harbor smoke prior to the final pull. 4-foot tall bongs are the ultimate at-home piece that may be too tall to sit on the table and might be relegated to the floor. Simply lean forward on your seat to begin to rip the ultimate bong on the floor in front of you.

Customizing Your Extra-Large Bong

With so much space and size to work with when utilizing an extra-large bong, there is a ton of room to customize and upgrade your piece. This involves accessories like ash catchers and ice catchers along with extra layers of filtration and percolation to provide fantastically smooth hits. 

Your quality of life on this piece is up to you; there is room for the fanciest things to help further enhance your smoking experience. Plus, all the size provides a great platform for cool aesthetics inside and out to create a truly unique piece all your own. 

Maintenance and Care

Maintenance and care are key for having a long-lasting, functional bong. Keep filtration holes clean to continue to have an easy, smooth pull. To accomplish this, a mix of coarse salt and isopropyl alcohol is your best friend. Pour this mixture into your piece and shake it about to dissolve/remove any resin and debris that is stuck inside. Give a thorough wash with warm water to remove any salt/alcohol and your glass should look as good as new and rip like the first day you got it.

Extra-Large Bongs vs Smaller Sizes

Extra-large bongs give a platform for extra-large hits, but this isn’t always the best option for everyone. Smaller bongs provide a much more portable alternative that is great for smoking on the move or for a less experienced smoker who doesn’t want three feet of smoke coming their way. The ideal size bong for you boils down to personal preferences and in what settings you plan to smoke them in. Bongs in general, though, are a great option to smoke from and should be in everyone's arsenal scaled to the perfect size for you.

Conclusion - Buying a Super Large Bong

Extra-large bongs are a sight to behold. Pieces this size can provide a smoking experience unlike any other, especially if you pick a trusted source for great glass like Giggle Glass. While you might have to sacrifice portability, extra-large bongs are the pinnacle of at-home, huge smoking sessions. Get yourself one of these bongs and you’ll quickly see what all the hype is about. 

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Bong Size FAQs

If you pick a trusted manufacturer, an extra-large bong won’t necessarily be at risk of breaking more so than a smaller bong. If you take caution to not knock it over, an extra-long bong can be super durable for everyday use! Use Giggle Glass to provide that solid foundation for a long-lasting bong. 

An extra-large bong on its own is not illegal. When clean, the law sees this size bong as just a piece of glass. When there is resin and marijuana debris inside can make a bong illegal, so make sure your piece is clean prior to transportation.

Isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt is the ideal mixture for cleaning a glass bong. Simply fill your bong with these two ingredients, gently shake and move around the salt, and watch the resin and debris get removed from the walls. A thorough rinse will remove any straggling debris as well as the alcohol and salt making your piece look and work as good as new.