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Shopping by Bong Size Guide: 15-20 Inches

| Madison Gillespie
Need help choosing the right bong size? Learn about 15-20 inch bongs: big power, American craftsmanship, and customization options for your smoking lifestyle.

Introduction to Bongs 15-20 Inches

Bongs in the 15 to 20 inch range are usually classified as large bongs. Pieces this size have plenty of room for aesthetic and functionality, which allows for wonderfully creative designs. Of course, with a larger size, there is usually more room for smoke that can result in a tremendous high.

This guide aims to explore the wide world of large bongs. We will examine some of the various sizes within the large bong category, things to look for when making a large bong purchase, and how you can maintain your bong to keep it fully functional for years to come.

The Appeal of Large Bongs

Why Choose Larger Bongs?

The obvious first appeal to larger bongs is their size. Larger bongs means there is more room for smoke, which in turn gets you higher. But large tokes are only the beginning to the appeal of large bongs.

Large pieces also provide the ability to add extra features and accessories to your bong for quality of life improvements. This includes an ice catcher inside the bong to help cool the smoke prior to reaching your throat. Ash catchers are another large bong staple that provides an extra chamber where ash collects, making cleanup significantly easier. 

While these larger hits and extra features can make for a tremendous smoking experience, these setups are usually slightly more complicated than a smaller bong with less moving parts. In this sense, larger bongs tend to be better for the experienced user compared to the novice. But experienced users continue to come back giving validity to the power of large bongs.

Buying American Made Large Bongs Custom from Giggle Glass

When purchasing any glass smoking piece, finding a reputable manufacturer is key. Large bongs are generally not the cheapest option available, so to have a faulty piece can be that much more detrimental; having a large bong break is a difficult pill to swallow. Being glass, bongs are sensitive to being dropped and other damages. Dealing with a reputable dealer, like Giggle Glass, is the best way to ensure you have a great product that will last.

Giggle Glass bongs are made to last. They are as durable as anything glass on the market. What’s more, Giggle Glass knows what works to create a hard hitting bong, and they are sure to include these design features for your piece. All this is combined with Giggle Glass’s eye for fantastic bong aesthetics that are truly one of a kind. 

Design and Functionality

Large bongs are an extremely functional sized piece. As mentioned before, the large size gives a skilled glass blower plenty of room to create filtering and cooling aspects to the smoke’s path while creating a greater volume for smoke to accumulate. This translates to larger, smoother bong rips that will send you to the moon. The performance of large bongs is hard to match. This, combined with efficiency with your bud, creates a total package for the experienced smoker.

Material and Build - Why USA Made Matters

The materials used and how they are constructed couldn’t be more important. Seeking out American-made glass from a reputable source is paramount to having a long lasting, well functioning piece. The skilled hands at Giggle Glass know just how to accomplish this.

It starts with a foundation of solid glass. Well constituted and constructed such that it can be blown and molded into a functional piece of art. While still being glass, you’ll find that properly made glass bongs can withstand a lot more scuffs than a cheap, crappy piece that may break when you pick it up.

Size Specifics

15-Inch Bongs

As far as large bongs go, 15-inches serve as the floor. Pieces this size, while not particularly portable, will be easier to transport while still providing enough size for accessories and large tokes. Bongs at this height are best kept as an at-home piece, but can definitely make an appearance at a friend’s house for a session.

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16-Inch Bongs

For a slightly larger, large bong, 16-inches is a great option. A piece this size is large, but not overly so. Glass this tall looks great on a coffee table at home and, with proper precautions, can be safely transported to a friend’s house or on vacation.

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18-Inch Bongs

At a foot and a half tall, 18-inch bongs stand tall proudly. Pieces this size can house plenty of accessories, but these pieces struggle to be transported as well. 18-inch bongs are hard to safely pack away. However, for an at-home, main use piece, an 18-inch bong will treat you right.

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20-Inch Bongs

20-Inch bongs are a tremendous size for a bong. These pieces are tall and very functional. You’ll have room for plenty of accessories to improve the quality of life surrounding your sessions. Pieces this size are best left on the table at home to prevent any damages from happening to your otherwise expensive, high class glass bong.

Customizing Your Medium to Large Sized Bong

A large bong can be customized in all sorts of ways to create the perfect product for you. This includes reaching out to a glass blower to customize your aesthetic and design during the manufacturing phase. But even after receiving your piece, you can add a series of accessories to further customize your piece. This includes ice catchers to cool smoke, making hits gentler, and ash catchers to collect any debris prior to entering your bong, which makes clean up significantly easier.

Maintenance and Care

Maintenance and care is extremely important for a bong of any size to increase longevity and functionality. Bongs that have clogged downstems or filtration systems will produce a worse result in your sessions, make you work harder to reach the high you want, and if the bong is dirty enough, potentially even introduce health issues.

To clean, isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt are your best friends. This mixture eats away at resin and debris on the walls, tearing it down and making your glass look sparkling clean. After shaking the alcohol and salt around your piece, do a thorough rinse with hot water to remove any alcohol smell and loose debris that got stuck on its way out. Then, enjoy your piece as if it’s brand new!

Large Bongs vs. Smaller Bongs

Depending on what you want from your piece will decide what size piece you need. Check out some of the draws for each below:

Large Bongs:

  • Large tokes
  • Room for accessories
  • Cool aesthetics

Small Bongs:

  • Cheaper
  • Easily transported
  • Great for beginners

Conclusion - Buying a Larger Bong

For an experienced user, a large bong is a fantastic piece to own. These pieces tend to be more at-home pieces and mainstays on coffee tables due to the difficulty and danger when transporting them. However, the tokes that can be taken with large bongs are an absolute game changer. The accessories you can have on a large bong only adds to the allure. Large hits and quality of life features combine to create a tremendous smoking experience that everyone should take part in!

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Bong Size FAQs

Yes, thicker bongs tend to be more durable and heat resistant, which makes them a great option for regular use. A thicker piece is almost always the better bet on longevity alone.

With the right accessories, it can be done. However, most enthusiasts find that smaller, more compact pieces are better options for dabs due to ease of use and flavor.

Thick glass plays into this, but also look for a bong with smooth seams between pieces. This indicates a more skillful craftsman and a more durable product. Bongs with warps or unevenness should absolutely be avoided as these are indications of a lower quality product.