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Shopping by Bong Size Guide: 10-14 Inches

| Madison Gillespie

Introduction to Bongs 10-14 Inches

For the ultimate combination of portability and functionality, a medium sized bong may be just what you’re looking for. Medium sized bongs usually range from 10 inches tall to 14 inches, making them slightly bigger than a mini bong, but still small enough to live on your coffee table for daily sessions.

The purpose of this guide is to examine the appeal of medium-sized bongs and how they can possibly fit into your life and smoking routine. We’ll look closely at the features people gravitate towards and important aspects to keep in mind when you’re looking to make a medium bong purchase. A piece this size is extremely versatile and should become a part of everyone’s arsenal.

The Appeal of Medium-Sized Bongs

Medium bongs are the perfect mix of portability and punch in a size and shape that can handle more complex accessories to improve the quality of life surrounding your session. With bongs starting at 10-inches, you can guarantee better filtration and a larger cavity to hold smoke, providing the option to take larger hits.

Usually pieces this size will come with an ice catcher, if not other accessories, that can be utilized to cool smoke and make cleanup easier; smaller bongs can’t always support these features. At the same time, a medium bong is a great option to pack into a bag to bring on vacation or to a friend's house, which is generally an option you’ll lose with a larger bong.

Buying American Made Medium Bongs Custom from Giggle Glass

If you have much experience purchasing and using bongs, you know that not all bongs are made the same. Two pieces that stand at the same height, but with different manufacturing, can work drastically different. 

Not only are the materials used to create the bong extremely important, but the designs of the piece, both internal and external, all play into the overall experience of the smoke. Going to a trusted source, like Giggle Glass, who only uses premier materials and expert designs, is the only guaranteed way to receive a great piece.

Design and Functionality

Medium-sized bongs provide a glass artist with a larger canvas where they can design and implement greater degrees of functionality. This includes more filtration methods and longer tubes that aid in cooling the smoke prior to reaching your throat. Such aspects will improve your smoking experience while using the piece. 

At the same time, the larger size allows the artist to have more freedom with the aesthetic of the piece, both inside and out. Size and aesthetic combine to create the truly special pieces, which is why medium bongs are such a great option. 

Materials and Build - Why USA Made Matters

The durability and functionality of a piece largely boils down to the materials and the manufacturer of the piece. This is an area that shouldn’t be overlooked. American-made bongs with high quality glass are the best combination to create the best smoking results. These pieces made by American Glass Blowers will be as durable as possible for a piece of glass art, while providing you with incredible results while using it.

10-Inch Bongs

10-Inch bongs are the smallest size that still is called a medium bong. 10-inch pieces, therefore, tend to be extremely portable for the punch they can pack. These pieces are great for home, but can excel on the road as well, making them a great piece to bring to a friend's house or on vacation.

11-Inch Bongs

11-inch bongs are the next progression in size. Pieces this height have more room for incredible designs and aesthetics. That being said, 11-inch bongs can still effectively and safely be transported with the proper packaging done prior to travel. This size, again, is extremely versatile being a great mix between functionality, aesthetic, and portability. 

12-Inch Bongs

12-inch bongs are another great choice to combine functionality with portability. These pieces, again, have more room for aesthetic and accessories. A piece this size will begin to become slightly harder to transport. The foot long height isn’t ideal for all bags. But the details and aesthetics that can fit inside 12 inches can create truly special pieces. 

13-Inch Bongs

13-inch bongs are another step up in the world of bong sizes. These pieces make for great at-home devices that can exist on a coffee table, but are still easy to stow away. The larger size makes it slightly harder to transport, but a 13-inch piece can certainly still attend vacation.

14-Inch Bongs

14-inch bongs serve as the high end for medium-sized bongs. These pieces begin to look rather large and become more difficult to transport. This lack of mobility is a trade off for greater functionality as 14-inch bongs will have greater room for design features and smoke. 14-inch bongs can provide a great punch that will set you into the couch.

Customizing Your Medium-Sized Bong

With artists like those at Giggle Glass, there is room for customizing the functionality and aesthetic of your piece. You can work with the artist to create a design that catches your eye. After purchase, you can get additional accessories to further enhance your sessions. These accessories can include something like an ash catcher, or extra filtration before the smoke reaches your lungs. Take the steps you need to create the ultimate smoking experience for your tastes.

Maintenance and Care

With any bong, maintenance and care are extremely important for the longevity and functionality of your piece. Keeping any filtration tubes or other internal design features clean of gunk and resin is key to achieving proper function. 

The best method to clean involves isopropyl alcohol and a coarse salt. This mixture inside the bong will break down resin on the walls and remove debris. After soaking and shaking your piece with this mixture, a thorough hot water rinse will remove any remaining resin and any smell of the isopropyl alcohol. Soon enough, your glass will look as good as new.

Medium-Sized Bongs vs. Other Sizes

Medium bongs are the perfect mix between size and functionality! They can be transported easily like their mini bong counterparts, while providing a smoke that can put you on the couch like a large bong. There is room for complex designs and aesthetics within while having the weight to support accessories. Medium bongs are truly the best of both worlds!

10-14 Inch Bong Conclusion

If you’re looking for a new piece that is versatile, yet functional, a medium bong sounds like exactly what you need. Find an aesthetic you like and pimp out your piece with all the accessories you could want. Bring this piece with you on the go and share your incredible setup with friends and family. Medium sized bongs are the ultimate piece and should exist in everyone’s collection!

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10 - 14 Inch Bong FAQ

Ultimately, the best size bong for you boils down to personal preference. But for the best combination of portability and functionality that most people find works for them, a medium bong is the place to be. These pieces are extremely versatile and can fit into most people’s routine. 

Make no mistake, even mini bongs can absolutely get you stoned. Larger bongs, however, can hold a larger volume of smoke while providing a greater area to cool the smoke prior to entering your body, both features that contribute towards a better smoking experience, for most users.

Smoking is inherently not the best activity for lung health. However, the additional filtration provided by the water and designs of medium bongs does help remove some of the worst aspects of smoke and is certainly superior to bowls or joints that don’t have the same water filtration.