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Shopping by Bong Size Guide: 8 Inches and Under

| Tom Parry

Need help choosing the right bong size? Learn about 4-8 inch bongs: compact power, American craftsmanship, and customization options for your lifestyle.


Bongs are amongst the most popular, sought-after methods of consuming THC these days. This popularity stems from the customization and options available for these pieces; you can easily find a bong that fits your lifestyle.

Bongs come in all shapes and sizes. To differentiate, they can be classified by their height. You can find bongs that are multiple feet tall or you can get a piece that only reaches 4 inches above the ground; today we will explore these smaller bongs, pieces that are 8 inches or smaller, and all the advantages they bring to the table.



A huge advantage to smaller bongs is the discretion and mobility that they allow. A piece under 8 inches can easily be carried around, whether that is exploring different smoke spots near your place, or bringing your piece to a friend's house/on vacation. These small pieces can easily be packed away, securely and out of sight. The smaller size also contributes to a great affordability.


This mobility of smaller bongs does not come at the expense of the smoking experience. Small bongs can absolutely pack a punch; these smaller bongs usually have quite the compact power. Lack of size certainly does not indicate a lack of power, especially if your small bong is handmade.


For the best quality smoke in the best quality pieces, buying American-made, handcrafted pieces from Giggle Glass artists is absolutely the way to go. 


For the best results, the importance of experience cannot be understated. The hands at Giggle Glass are just that – their experience crafted smoking apparatuses helps create extremely functional pieces with tremendous designs. Our craftsmen know what works: the tried and true. At the same time, our craftsmen are willing to innovate and try new things to help create the next level of incredible bongs. 


Giggle Glass craftsmen only use the best materials available to create their masterpieces. This is drastically different from a generic piece you find at a gas station, which may break if you pick it up at the wrong spot due to low quality. The piece you smoke with is extremely important to the quality of your session, get a piece you know you can trust from craftsmen who have immense pride in their work.


4-Inch bongs are amongst the smallest available on the market. Bongs this size tend to be barebones in their features and designs. Usually, these pieces just have a cavity for water and a simple bowl to allow for a simple, yet effective smoke.


Small pieces like a 4-inch bong can not only be a tremendous option for flower, but with a different bowl, mini bongs this size can also be tremendous dab rigs to allow you to consume concentrates. Even at 4 inches, a bong can be extremely versatile and get you high beyond your wildest dreams.


5-Inch bongs provide similar advantages to that on the 4-inch bong. Similarly, they can be outfitted with a nail to be able to handle concentrates. What’s more, 5-inch bongs readily come in different materials.


Typically, bongs are made from glass. With 5-inch bongs and above, you can find more flexibility in the material used to create the bong. Each of these materials has their own advantages and drawbacks. Glass typically has the best smoking experience, but can be expensive and fragile. Silicone, meanwhile, is extremely durable and easy to clean, though not everyone likes the experience smoking out of silicone. Ceramic and metal also serve as further options to pick from.


6-inch bongs are another tremendous mini bong option. Pieces this size tend to fit nicely in your hand to provide the ultimate mix between a small size and a big punch. The extra length on the piece provides room for customization in the design, allowing for fun aesthetics without making the piece too unbalanced. 


Building up higher will continue to allow for additional features and designs to be implemented. With bongs 7 inches and above, you become able to easily fit in features like an ice catcher to further enhance your smoking experience. While all these mini bongs can provide a fantastic smoke, having some of these additional features like an ice catcher can further enhance the experience and add some quality of life advantages. 


8-inch bongs are generally around the largest bongs still classified as small or mini. Pieces this size begin to experience the advantages or larger bongs, while still being relatively easy to transport and relatively discrete. A big advantage to the 8-inch bongs is the stability that they can have. A stable, grounded piece allows you to use additional features on your bong. This includes an ice catcher, but also external features like an ash catcher or additional smoke filtration on the size. These additional features are another way you can enhance the quality of life in your smoking sessions.


Despite their size, mini bongs can provide quite a diversity in the customization options. This includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Material: Glass, silicone, ceramic, metal, or acrylic
  • Color: A quality craftsman can infuse basically any color into the piece
  • Features: Ice catchers to ash catchers and anything in between, these features can be available for a mini bong
  • Consumption: Not only can you decide between flower and concentrates as the media being consumed, but mini bongs allow you to easily customize where and with who you smoke with due to superior mobility.


Maintenance and care for any piece is quite important to the quality of smoke you’ll get from it. Ease of clean will vary depending on the complexity of the piece’s design, but mini bongs in general tend to be easy to maintain. Care depends on the type of material used:



For glass and ceramic, submerge all pieces of your bong into a mix of isopropyl alcohol and a coarse salt, which will break down resin overtime while providing abrasion to aid in removing the resin from the walls. Small corners and intricate details will take more patience to fully remove any resin that is clinging on. 

A thorough rise of warm water at the end will remove any loose resin that remains as well as the alcohol/salt mix used to clean. Your piece will be as good as new. 


For silicone, cleaning gets a little easier. Many people simply opt to throw their silicone bong into the dishwasher and give it a full blast. The durability of silicone allows for more variability in your ability to clean. Hot water and soap are a great media to remove any debris that exists within your piece.


Mini bongs provide a ton of the same advantages that regular bongs boast all while maintaining a better sense of discretion and mobility. This means that you can get a great high while being on the move or not being caught by the forces that be. 

That being said, some of the smaller mini bongs can struggle to include all the bells and whistles regular bong owners enjoy for improvements to quality of life. This can include ice catchers to cool the smoke prior to consumption, or an ash catcher to make cleaning easier. Consider the features you want in your smoking life prior to purchasing.


Mini bongs provide a wonderful option for mobile, discrete smoking. Despite first impressions looking at their size, mini bongs can absolutely pack a punch to send you into the ether. These smaller pieces tend to be easier to clean and more affordable, adding to the reasons that a mini bong should be in your collection, if not your main piece. 

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Bong Size FAQs

Mini bongs on their own are not illegal to have. The caveat in this statement is that your mini bong needs to be absolutely clean. Having resin in your bong, depending on where you are and the surrounding context, can lead to trouble. But just a clean glass sculpture, if you will, is fine to have.

Absolutely! Mini bongs provide a great smoking experience. Given the extra features (mobility, discretion, affordability, etc.) mini bongs can be great options for a main piece.

Mini bongs can easily handle concentrates if you outfit your piece with the correct bowl replacement, either a nail or a banger. This simple exchange opens up your piece to concentrates, which gives the ultimate flexibility between flower and dabs.