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How To Order a Custom Bong

| Tom Parry

The world of custom bongs is a beautiful landscape with unique aesthetics and designs. With unlimited potential available at your fingers, where do you start? Read on as we explore the world of custom bongs to find the best option for you. We’ll start by finding your personal requirements for a custom bong before finding the right artist who can execute your vision. Then we can talk about the ordering process, what to expect, and how to maintain your custom bong once it arrives!

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Identifying Your Custom Bong Needs

Style and Function

When ordering a custom bong, you should come with an idea of your desired style and any particular functional requirements you have in mind. For example, how do you want your filtration? Do you want features like an ice catcher? Do you want dab functionality? 

Size and Shape

Imagine in what context your bong will live in. Does it need to be mobile or is it an at home piece? This will help dictate the size and complexity you can indulge in. Bongs can vary greatly in height and in width both at the base and at the mouthpiece; have a picture in your mind of all the little details you can think of for your creation. 

Colors and Themes

With the functionality thought through, next comes the aesthetic. What design, themes, and colors do you want? Do you want to match an aesthetic you have at home? Glassblowers are creative and can do a lot with glass as their medium; express what you want and you’ll be surprised at what designs can be pulled off.

Finding the Right Glass Artist

Glass artists come with their own unique styles, much like tattoo artists. To help explore different options, Giggle Glass built their Find Glass Artists button to put a list of artists across the USA and a sample of their work one-click away.

From there, scroll through the page and explore the artists. Look for a piece that catches your eye or a style that you like. Check out the artists page and bio, see what they’re about. Investigate ratings and reviews to help figure out what the best artist is to carry out your vision.

Communicate Your Design Ideas

After you pick an artist that you connect with, reach out with your intentions of creating a custom piece. Try to concisely but effectively convey your vision for your bong. Prepare detailed sketches or descriptions to provide the artist with a solid framework for what you want in your piece. From there, the artist can provide suggestions and discuss the feasibility of your desire to work with you to create a unique yet extremely functional and effective piece.

Understand Pricing and Timelines

The pricing of a custom piece can vary greatly depending on how many features you want and the overall size and complexity of your design. These same factors will influence the production time as the more complex your piece is, the longer it will take to construct. For a cheaper piece with quicker turnaround, try to keep your custom piece more simple in its design and aesthetic.

Along with the complexity of your piece, the time frame you can expect custom work in also depends on how busy the artist is at any given time. Your artist will walk through what to expect timeline-wise as you communicate with them regarding your design, but most custom work can vary from a week to over a month depending on the factors discussed above.

Finalize Your Order and Make Payments

After a back and forth to establish what you want and the feasibility of your piece, you can lock down your order. Here, you and the artist can finalize the details of your transaction including final design plan and price as well as any other business related content.

Caring for Your Custom Bong

Once your custom piece arrives, take good care of it and enjoy the skilled craftsmanship behind it! Be sure to regularly clean your piece to maintain ideal functionality and optimal aesthetic. For this, we recommend isopropyl alcohol to break down resin and remove debris. When not in use, properly store your piece to prevent any accidents and subsequent breakage.

Enjoying Your Unique Creation

Enjoy your custom piece! Know you are the only person on Earth with that exact piece! Having a custom bong all your own can be a very special thing. If you don’t have one yet, getting a custom bong is easy! Come up with an idea for a custom piece, find an artist through Giggle Glass’s Find Glass Artist button and clearly communicate your design to them. Discuss the feasibility and finalize your design with the artist to see your custom glass aesthetic brought to life before your eyes! Come see how special a custom bong can be!

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