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How to Measure Your Joint Size

| Madison Gillespie

 Interested in what the right joint size is for you? Wondering how big that J was that you just smoked? Learn about the different sizes and shapes of cannabis joints here.

How to Measure Your Joint Size

Joints are arguably the most classic way to consume your marijuana if you don’t want to opt for a custom glass piece. Inside the world of joints, though, there are a host of different options. Some of these options are best for individual smoking journeys while others make for a great group activity around its slow burn. These differences come down to the length and weight of the joint you have. Explore with us today some of the variety that can be found just within the joint community!

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Common Paper Sizes

When shopping for papers, there are a ton of different brands with their little gimmicks. At the end of the day, the length of the paper is most important. The most common paper sizes on the market include:

  • 1 ¼” Rolling Papers (76-78mm x 45-48mm)
  • 1 ½” Rolling Papers (76-78mm x 60-62mm)
  • King Size Rolling Papers (100-110mm x 55-60mm)

Common Joint Weights

.25g Joint


A ¼ gram isn’t a ton of pot and definitely makes for a better solo joint adventure opposed to a group setting. Whether you are doing a little wake and bake or a gentle nightly joint before bed, a ¼ gram is the perfect way to not overdo it. 

1 ¼” Papers


This size paper is a great option for a small ¼ gram joint. Something this size is great to take on a solo adventure.

1 ½” Papers


1 ½” papers also make for great ¼ joints. This paper size is slightly longer so it can burn a little slower with the same amount of product. Again, great for a solo walk for a small buzz.

King Size Papers

King size tends to be a little too long for just a ¼ gram. It can be done if that’s all you have, but we recommend smaller papers for a joint this weight.

.5g Joint


To slightly upgrade your joint, consider a .5g weight! This weight again makes for a great solo adventure, especially if you’re really trying to get a buzz on, but can also be shared with another person. Although, larger groups will still be wanting more after only a .5g joint.

1 ¼” Papers


These size papers with .5g is a perfect combination for a small, yet hard hitting solo joint. Either by yourself or with one other individual is the best way to get the bang for your buck with a joint this weight.

1 ½” Papers


Again slightly longer with the 1 ½” papers, be prepared for a slightly slower burn with your .5g weight. For a longer solo walk or a longer session with another individual, the longer papers give you more time to enjoy the joint without overdoing it. 

King Size Papers

King size papers are still slightly too long to comfortably hold just .5g of weed. Again, it can be down, but expect a looser joint that burns slowly. If possible, opt for a smaller paper size if you only have .5g to spare for your joint.

1g Joint


1g joints is when things start to get more serious. Joints this size will put you on the couch if you approach them solo while also being capable of buzzing a small group on its own. This weight of the joint is great for a long walk or a small gathering with friends. 

1 ¼” Papers

These smaller papers are beginning to get quite thick as the dosage increases. For a hard hitting, quicker session, 1 ¼” papers are a great option to hold your 1g joint. 

1 ½” Papers


For a slightly slower burn, opt for a slightly longer paper for your 1g joint. At 1 ½”, these papers are better for sharing that awesome 1g joint you have! 

King Size Papers


Great for a slow burn at a party, king size papers with 1g inside are a great option to get a buzz to share. It won’t put everyone on the couch, but it will definitely foster a good time.

 1.5g Joint


At this weight, you are really preparing to take a nice buzz to the face. If you dare venture a joint this size solo, you will be stoned. You can get a decent sized group thoroughly buzzed with a joint this weight as well.

The 1 ¼” and 1 ½” papers begin to struggle to safely and securely hold this weight. They can still be used, perhaps with some hassle while wrapping, and will provide a quick-burning, hard hitting platform to get yourself or a group of friends blazed.

King Size Papers


Credit: Reddit

At this weight, king size papers are a superior option. These papers were meant for this occasion and provide the perfect mix of slow burn yet hard hitting that will destroy you solo or give a tremendous buzz to a group.

 2g Joint


This much pot can make for a great joint, especially for a larger party. The smaller paper sizes will tend not to do you much good if you’re trying to fit 2 grams into a single joint, but king size papers allow for a nice slow, but hard hitting burn that can get an entire group stoned before you know it. 

King Size Papers


Credit: Reddit

The best option for 2 grams worth of pot. These papers are easy to share and make for a great group activity as the joint gets passed around. Smoking one of these bad boys is a fantastic experience.

Joint Size FAQ

King size joints are going to be longer than your traditional joint size. The width isn’t always different, but the extra length allows for more flower to be packed and for the duration on the joint to be better dragged out.

Generally yes, dispensaries will provide a few different options for pre-roll size and weight to allow you to pick what works best.

Larger joints are great for use in a group setting. The larger size gives plenty of time for everyone to get their fix and removes the need to have a second standby joint to be lit when people haven’t quite had enough yet.

Blunts take a different approach to joints in that you utilize tobacco paper to roll a blunt. The tobacco adds another layer to the buzz you get from smoking it. Size wise, blunts tend to be more similar to your king size joints giving a great platform for a social smoking experience.

Yes! As we touched on above, you can use different sized papers with varying degrees of pot to finely tune your joint experiences. Whether you want a slower burning option or a larger, group setting joint that hits hard, there are ways to tinker with the size and weight of your joint to create the perfect product for you.