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How to Spot a Counterfeit Bong

| Madison Gillespie
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Why Identifying Genuine Bongs Matters

If you don’t know whether you have a genuine bong or not, then you my friend are at risk of using a cheap counterfeit that might snap at any instant and leave you down a bong, and up an anger problem. This could be avoided though if you have the benefit of knowing whether you own or are buying a genuine bong. In this article, I will tell you some of the ways in which you can determine whether or not you will be smoking from a genuine high quality bong and not some cheap knock off that your friends and family will laugh at you for having.

Brand Recognition and Verification

Understanding Brand Signatures and Logos

If your bong has a brand signature or logo, then you’re already off to a good start. But what if you’re not sure about what this signature and logo mean for your bong? In short, it means that whatever piece you are holding up to your lips for your nightly smoke ritual is in fact, a product of a high-quality authentic glass manufacturer. Typically, you’ll find your brand signature or logo displayed on your bong, so make sure you can spot one and you’ll know you’ve got something legit.

The Importance of Authentication Seals

When you see that you have an authentication seal, you are absolutely guaranteed to be holding onto something that was manufactured with care as well as manufactured with high- quality materials in the manufacturing.

How Shopping from a Local Artist on Giggle Glass Can Solve This Problem

When you shop at Giggle Glass, you have the pleasure and convenience of shopping from high-quality local artists all curated on this digital marketplace. When you have these local artists to shop from on Giggle Glass, you not only get authentic high-quality glass, but also a much more discounted price as opposed to many expensive mainstream retailers and brands, while still retaining a stamp of authenticity.

Physical Attributes of Genuine Bongs

Material Quality and Glass Thickness

Typically, you can feel the difference in the glass of genuine bongs. The material quality will facilitate much better airflow and functionality within the bong. Overall performance is greatly enhanced due to the better material quality of genuine bongs. The thickness of the glass of a genuine bong is also way more apparent and is also much more durable compared to the thinner glass of cheap knockoffs.

Design Specifics: Ice Catchers, Percolators, and Joints

Genuine bongs also feature the more complex and high-quality design specifics. Ice catchers are a bong design that helps to cool your smoke with a pinched glass formation that holds ice right above the water chamber in the bong. Percolators diffuse the smoke and also cools it down by included an extra layer of water in which it passes through, and joint holders are like bowl pieces that can hold either joints or blunts for smoking through the bong.

Common Brands and Their Specific Markers

RooR Bongs: Signatures, Logos, and Glass Quality

A very popular and common brand for frequent bong purchasers. RooR bongs will have a signature on either side of the bong to show off its authenticity. Each signature of a RooR bong is unique to the blower. The logo of a RooR bong should have the bottom of the R’s facing towards the left and must not be located past the ice catcher or cover up a perc if its authentic. The overall glass quality of an authentic RooR features splash guards for percolated bongs. The glass will also feel somewhat heavy on a genuine bong.

Zob & Grav Labs

For both of these popular brands, determining their genuine quality is similar to determining RooR bongs authenticity. One of the easiest ways to determine this is the brand name and logo, which may be reversed, altered, or misspelled if fake. For both Zob and Grav Labs, you can determine if they are real is to checking for any inconsistencies in the design like rubber grommet joints instead of a glass-on-glass joint.

Advanced Verification Techniques

Using Online Resources for Authenticity Checks

Checking the official sites of the brands you buy is the best surefire way to determine if your bongs are authentic or not. Many sites for these brands might give you a security code for your bong that can be entered on their site in order to authenticate your bong.

Contacting manufacturers for Verification

If your bong brand does not have an online authenticator, then contacting the manufacturers via phone or email may prove to be an efficient way of getting around to authenticating your bongs. If you check with manufacturers then you should be able to easily decide if your bong is authentic or not.

Consumer Protection: What to Do If You Encounter a Fake

Steps to Take When You Spot a Counterfeit

If you spot a counterfeit, then you ought to contact whichever vendor sold you the bong and inform them of the situation. If you have held on to your receipt, then this will prove to be a valuable resource in getting yourself a refund.

Reporting Counterfeits and Protecting the Community

It’s important to report counterfeits in order to make others aware of potential scam sites or distributors that are selling counterfeit bongs. Reporting counterfeits helps protect your community of smokers from also being scammed in the future. So if you ever have the misfortune of being sold a fake bong, don’t be afraid to take action and report whoever sold it to you.

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