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Key Features to Consider


Just like any smoking device, you can select from multiple materials including glass, wood, silicone, and more. Each material has pros and cons, making it a personal preference as to what works best.

Size and form:

You can find mushroom-themed pieces that can fit into your palm or take two hands to properly hold. Factor in what you want from your piece when picking the size.

Look for high-quality craftsmanship:

Craftsmanship is crucial for all smoking pieces, but especially with mushroom-themed pieces. The mushroom designs can create weak spots in products that weren’t made well.

Magic in the Details

Mushroom pieces make for great additions in multiple locations and scenarios due to their mass appeal and functionality.

At Home:

A mushroom piece can be a great addition to a home setup. The aesthetic works for use as a decoration while the quality smoke gives you a great at-home smoking situation. Whether your entire aesthetic revolves around mushrooms and psychedelic imagery or you want to infuse some character into a different design, a mushroom-themed piece can be a great choice.

Parties and Gatherings:

Mushroom-themed pieces are almost always a party favorite and provide fantastic conversation starters. Mushroom imagery and designs usually carry a light-hearted sentiment with them too, which can help loosen a mood. Plus, they are usually unique and one of a kind, creating one of a kind smoke sessions.

On the Go:

For functional, on the go pieces, some of the smaller mushroom pieces can be a great choice. They can be extremely portable allowing for safe transport and great smoking functionality when you’re wanting a smoke.


Generally speaking, mushroom smoking devices are usually hand-made. This allows for maximum customization and creativity around the mushroom designs, plus some great craftsmanship to create intricate designs that have decent durability.

Many people report seeing an improvement with their smoking experience when using a mushroom-themed piece. This stems from the fun imagery at first, but also functionally from the design. Many mushroom designs have parts that are bulbous, like the cap of a mushroom that creates more volume for smoke allowing for bigger hits than you expect.

As with any smoking piece, cleaning and maintaining is crucial for longevity and performance. Isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt make for a potent cleaning combination for glass pieces. For smaller areas and more intricate parts, using a small pipe cleaner or toothpick may be necessary to reach every corner.

Best mushroom results usually come from glass and wood. Glass is fantastic because of the way it can be manipulated to create bulbous parts and intricate details to really capture the look of a mushroom. Wood provides an awesome alternative where the feel of the piece is associated with the feel of a mushroom, with nature being the connecting force. Mushrooms themselves won’t provide enough support to be a good piece, but wood is a great alternative.

Yes! The world of mushroom-themed smoking accessories is probably more fleshed out than the pieces themselves. There is no shortage of grinders and stash boxes, along with rolling trays, bags, and anything else you can think of that come with a mushroom design. Plus, mushroom stickers are in no short supply to apply a mushroom-theme to any preexisting accessory you already have.