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These days, almost any material could be used in some fashion to take some rips out of. From glass, to plastic, to apples, and beyond, each of these materials creates their own unique smoking experience. Another one of these materials is often overlooked and seen as a relic of the tobacco-smoking past; pieces made from wood are gaining popularity once again for the unique smoking experience they can provide. Having a wood piece brings with it many features that smokers gravitate towards including:

  • Unique flavors
  • Beautiful craftsmanship
  • Superior durability

Regardless of your personal smoking preferences, there exists a perfect wood piece for everyone. The different sizes, shapes, designs, and flavors creates a world of opportunity for any smoking enthusiast to be able to explore. Check out why people keep coming back to the Giggle Glass wood collection! 

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Qualities to Look For

When shopping for a wood piece, there are some factors to consider. For one, take note of the kind of wood being used. This manufacturing choice will have an impact on the durability and flavor you’ll get from the piece.

With a variety of different sizes available, make sure to consider what you need from the size and shape of the piece for easier transportation, hiding, and safety of the piece.

Plus, keep in mind the cleaning and maintenance that will be required for that specific piece. Cleaning wood pipes is a manual process, you can’t use isopropyl alcohol. Make sure that there aren’t any particularly nasty corners you won’t be able to reach with a toothpick.

The Artisan Touch

One of the premier features to wood smoking pieces is the craftsmanship that comes with them. Many of these pieces are hand-carved meaning that no two pieces are alike. What’s more, using wood creates unique opportunities for intricate carvings or special finishes that pieces made from glass cannot achieve.

At Home:

Wood pieces make for great additions to a home setup! Not only does wood fit in with many aesthetics while sitting on a mantel or table, but the unique flavor and smoking experience creates a one-of-a-kind smoking vibe for your home.

Social Gatherings:

Wood pieces make for great additions to a social gathering! Wood often provides a memorable experience in a group setting and makes for great conversation starters. Many people are interested, but don’t carry wood pieces themselves. Passing around wood pieces brings the group together in a more grounded, communal experience that is often lost with glass.

Outdoor Adventures:

Wooden pieces make for excellent smoking apertures in the context of outdoor adventures. For one, the usually lightweight, durable nature of wooden pieces makes them easy to carry on a hike without fear of breaking. These pieces are easy to put in a secure pocket or inside a little case to pack it away. Plus, the natural feel of wood in your hands complements the outdoor setting around you.


Personal preference will guide you towards what feel and flavor are the best for you. However, amongst the general public, the preferred types of wood for smoking pieces include:

  • Oak
  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Olive
  • Pear
  • Rosewood

Just like the wood changes the flavor when smoking meats, wood also changes the flavor when smoking weed. This stems from unique flavor chemicals that exist in each wood type. This creates a sweeter flavor with woods like maple whereas pear wood provides more of a subtle earthy flavor.

Unlike glass, you generally can’t use chemicals like isopropyl alcohol to remove resin and clean your piece. Instead, wood pieces have to be manually scraped and cleaned. Items like toothpicks allow you to reach into crevices and remove leftover gunk. 

Yes, there are sometimes chemical finishes that should be avoided in your smoking pieces. Usually, if you’re purchasing the piece, the piece will have been manufactured to be safe. If you’re creating a piece yourself, be sure to avoid any chemically treated wood; opt for something more natural.

When traveling, having a compact piece that can easily be packed away is crucial. The durability of wood provides a huge advantage in this regard. If you’re traveling via plane, make sure your wood piece is free of any resin or other residues. That being said, a clean piece is always a good idea for traveling.