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Best Glass Artists in Florida

Florida Glass Artists

Enter into the vibrant world of custom glass artistry in the Sunshine State! If you’re looking for unique and wonderfully crafted pieces of custom smoking glass, then right here is the perfect place to discover just that. This blog post will provide insight into the various talented artisans of glass located right here in Florida. All across the sunny state of Florida exists a wide variety of skilled craftsmen perfecting their art. From Miami to Orlando and everywhere in between, these communities of skillful artists are working tirelessly to elevate your smoking experience. Keep reading if you’re interested in exploring the exciting and dazzling world of glass blowers in the Sunshine State.

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Custom Smoking Glass Artists in Florida

Florida has provided a great home to a wide array of very talented custom-smoking glass artists who have strived to push boundaries on creativity and craftsmanship within the medium of custom glass blowing. These Floridian glass blowers have steadily perfected the art of manipulating molten glass into works of not only functional smoking pieces but decadent works of art. The artistic impression imposed upon these pieces can range from vibrant and colorful designs to much simpler and minimalistic designs. So no matter what kind of aesthetic pleases you, there is a little bit of something for everyone.

With each artist bringing their unique style and technique to these creations, the variety in possible custom smoking glass is staggering. Each custom bong showcases the skill and vision of these great artists and provides you the option to choose exactly what you want.

What differentiates these artists is not just their great technical proficiency, but also their ability to include their flair into each piece. Every artist you come across in Florida brings something new to the table because of how much of themselves they put into their work. Each custom bong is not just about how it smokes, but also the self-expression it represents. Self-expression that in turn is inspired by what you, the customer, want in a custom piece.

The process of creating these pieces is just as inspiring as the final product, as each artist spends countless hours honing their craft, and experimenting with different techniques. To reach such an elite level of artistry takes years of practice and dedication. Not only do these artists produce finely crafted custom bongs, but also many other great smoking accessories such as pipes, dab rigs, bubblers, and plenty more. Each one of these pieces is created with the tightest precision and care.

The abundance of talent in Florida’s glass art community provides almost endless possibilities for smokers who can appreciate beauty, luxury, and functionality. If you’re hoping to visit these glass art communities, read on to discover some of the popular cities where they reside.

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Giggle Glass provides the following directory but endorses none of the artist below


Luiz Valez



Orlando, FL




Orlando, FL

Bradly Miller

South FL

Chadd Lacy

South FL

Adrienne DiSalvo

West Palm Beach, FL

Robert Mickelsen

Ocala, FL

The Wyszrd



Tallahassee ,FL

Devin Jacobs


Popular Florida Cities Glass Blowers Call Home

Glass blowing is exceptionally popular across the country, and especially so here in Florida. There are plenty of cities with local glass-blowing communities, and down below are just some of the most popular ones.


The bustling metropolis of Miami fosters an enormous glass-blowing community. The vibrant arts community and expansive swaths of culture give great inspiration to the local glass blowers, whose pieces can capture the essence of the city.

St. Petersburg

Just like Miami, this waterfront City provides an excellent source of inspiration for the plentiful glassblowers who live there. The coast here acts as a serene and peaceful backdrop for artistic expression and creation.


Known for its theme parks, tourist attractions, and steady nightlife, one might not expect glass-blowing to be as popular here as the other cities. However, hidden amidst the rollercoasters and skyscrapers lies another talented pocket of glass-blowing artists.


Right next to St. Petersburg is another city harboring a bustling community of glass blowers who push boundaries and innovate with their techniques and designs.

Anywhere you visit out of these cities will provide you with plentiful opportunities to find a talented glass blower. All of these artists can provide you with exactly the piece you need.

How Much Does a Custom Glass Bong Cost in Florida?

When it comes to the price of these fine glass pieces, there is a lot of variation at play. Many factors determine how much your custom piece will be. Larger, more extravagant pieces are naturally going to have a bigger price tag. However, other factors like material cost also come into play when picking out your custom piece.

It’s best to personally consult your local artist to narrow down both what kind of piece you are looking for, and how much you are willing to spend. Luckily, Floridian glass-blowers are known to be equally as considerate as they are skilled when it comes to navigating through the buying process. After all, they’re just as eager to get the right custom bong piece in your hand as you are.

Make sure to reach out directly to your local glass blower to accurately ascertain what kind of prices they are offering, as many of them are more than willing to work out affordable options for whatever it is you have your eyes on.

Buy from Your Local Floridian Glass-Blowing Artists

Within this sunny and vibrant state of Florida full of bustling cities and picturesque beaches, there is a whole world of talented glassblowers for you to dive into and explore. Whether it’s a large-scale custom bong or an easy-to-conceal pipe piece, these skilled masters of the art have you covered.

Finding the right artist means looking in the right places, so make sure to check out the previously listed cities as popular hot spots of thriving glass-blowing communities. Each one of these sites is host to a wide range of great artists who make the best possible pieces that money can buy.

Buying from these local artists is also a great way to support local businesses and communities, another thing to consider when coming to purchase your custom glass piece

All in all, seek out these local glassblowers, embrace the beauty and artistry of their craft, and most importantly support the individual spirit that thrives in these local communities as they are truly one of a kind.


GiggleGlass specializes in handcrafted smoking accessories such as bongs, hand pipes, dab rigs, and more, all made by local artists in the USA.

Yes, GiggleGlass offers custom bong creation services. You can select the style, function, size, shape, colors, and themes and work with a glass artist to bring your unique design to life.

Use the "Find Glass Artists" feature on GiggleGlass to explore a list of artists across the USA and view samples of their work. This helps in choosing an artist whose style aligns with your vision.

The pricing and production time for a custom bong vary based on its complexity, features, and the artist's schedule. Custom work can range from a week to over a month.

Regularly clean your custom bong with isopropyl alcohol to maintain functionality and aesthetics. Store it properly when not in use to prevent damage.


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