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Best Glass Artists in Maryland

Maryland Glass Artists

If you enjoy beautiful and custom-crafted glass art, then a great place to find some for yourself is right here in Maryland! From delicate custom smoking pieces to stunning hand-crafted bongs, the local artisans of Maryland produce some of the best custom glass. There are plenty of reasons to explore these custom glass collections, whether you have your collection or are looking to just now get into it. Here in this blog contains all the details about where you can find these glass pieces for yourself, as well as the benefits of getting these pieces for yourself. So read on to find out more about the talented glass artists located in Maryland.

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Custom Smoking Glass Artists in Alabama

Alabama is home to a wonderful community of custom-smoking glass artists all around the state. These artists have the humble yet lofty goals of revolutionizing the world of cannabis accessories. This is not an easy matter to take on, but these talented artisans are up for the challenge. As a result, they create awesome and custom one-of-a-kind pieces that cater to every smoker’s tastes.

The designs of these pieces take up a vast array of aesthetic choices. Some pieces may have bright colorful swirls and patterns, while others may take a much more minimalist design. This provides options for everyone’s tastes and preferences, especially since no matter the design, each piece is carefully crafted with the utmost precision.

Not only do these glass artists have exceptional crafting skills, but they also have remarkable customer service. These artists love to collaborate with customers to find the perfect custom piece for an even better price. They understand that each customer has a specific taste concerning size, design, and functionality. If it’s a small handheld pipe you’re looking for, they have them. If it’s an elaborate water bong, they have them too. You’ll be able to work closely with these artists as they seek to deliver the perfect custom piece just right for you.

These artists all draw from many different and unique inspirations ranging from nature, abstract art, or even pop culture. Different artists may use innovative techniques like fuming or dichroic glass when crafting their pieces. All and all, this adds layers of depth and complexity to the final product.

Each artist is dedicated in putting forward their all in their craft. It’s evident in every piece they produce that they have a deep and fruitful passion for making each piece special.

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Giggle Glass provides the following directory but endorses none of the artist below







Baltimore, MD



Leland S

Baltimore, MD




Baltimore, MD



 Cristo Santis

Baltimore, MD








Baltimore, MD



 Bending Glass








Mr. Kyle

Frederick, MD




Baltimore, MD



Giggle glass provides the following directory but endorses the none of the shops or studios below


2029 west street, Annapolis, MD, United States, Maryland

Aroma Annapolis

+1 410-267-3000


7110Harford Rd, Parkville, MD 21234, United States

Shockers Glass Studio & CBD



10838York Road, Cockeysville, MD, United States, Maryland

Smokin' Treasures



17605 Virginia Ave Hagerstown, MD 21740

Simple Pleasures smoke shop

+1 (740) 457-1277


328 N Market St, Frederick, MD, United States, Maryland

Smoke Signals



3998 Roland Ave, Baltimore, MD, United States, Maryland

Down Under of Hampden

+1 410-235-1112

Popular Cities where Glass Blowers in Maryland call home

Within Maryland lies a plethora of cities containing vibrant art scenes. These art scenes offer hotbeds of creativity and inspiration where these glass artisans can thrive and produce great works of custom glass. Down below are a few cities where these glassblowers call home.


The largest city in Maryland, Baltimore offers a thriving arts community within it. Many talented individuals and collections of glass-blowing artists have studios set up here. Here, they showcase their unique creations to locals and tourists alike. The city’s rich history and diverse culture help to provide inspiration for these artists and their custom glass.


Nestled in western Maryland, Frederik has become a hub for glass-blowing enthusiasts and professionals. This picturesque city is home to numerous galleries and studios host to artists who push boundaries in showcasing their craft. Visiting these studios and galleries allows guests to witness for themselves the intricate process of creating beautiful glass pieces firsthand.


Situated on Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis is not only the capital of Maryland but also another city that provides an artistic haven to custom glass blowers. The maritime heritage of Annapolis and its natural waterside beauty gives glass-blowers ample inspiration to take into their own work. From handheld pieces to large extravagant bongs, you’ll find a wide range of glass artistry in Annapolis.


Located on the Eastern shore of Maryland, despite its lesser-known status compared to other cities in Maryland, it’s humble status shouldn’t dismay those seeking custom glass work as Salisbury is bustling with local talent! Artisans here embrace both traditional techniques and innovative designs to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

These few examples of popular cities in Maryland home to custom glassblowers. Each one of these cities and their respective artistic hubs have unique artistic visions of expression that make each one worth visiting. This is a good thing to keep in mind when on the hunt for a handcrafted piece to pick out for yourself.

How much does a Custom Glass Bong Cost in Maryland?

If you’re in the market for a custom glass bong in Maryland, you’d most likely be concerned about the pricing of these custom pieces. After all, intricate custom pieces would most likely be a top-dollar purchase right? Not necessarily. While yes, pieces that posses’ high-quality craftsmanship and design tend to run a higher price tag, there are several factors to consider when in search of your own custom piece.

In general, a high-quality piece will typically be situated in the $100 to $500 price range. This can be even higher depending on just how intricate this high-quality piece is. While these prices are just an estimate that can fluctuate, it’s still a good general rule of thumb to consider these high-quality pieces to sit around that price range.

If you’re looking for a more affordable piece, looking for something that’s smaller and less complex will typically give you flexibility in pricing. Something like a simpler pipe piece will naturally be cheaper than an extensive bong with complex design.

The cost of materials is typically what determines the final price. Some artists may use more expensive materials like borosilicate glass or incorporate intricate designs that require additional time and skill to develop.

When investing in a custom piece, it’s important to keep track of functionality as well as aesthetics. A well-crafted glass bong can enhance your smoking experience while also reflecting your personal style.

Another important thing to keep track of is the different artists to consult in making your custom piece. Take time to research different artists and their portfolios to find one that best suits your needs and wishes. In supporting these local artists and investing in American-made products, you’ll not only get a unique piece but also contribute to a thriving art community here in Maryland.

Buy American Made Glass smoking pieces by Maryland Artists

Support Local Artists and elevate your smoking experience through local artists in Maryland,

In looking to enhance your smoking experience, you’ll find that Maryland has plenty to offer in it’s cities with bustling art culture and communities. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or merely a new adopter of custom glass smoking. You can find and choose from a plethora of custom glass bongs and pipes. You can find glass artists who will specialize in offering personalized services where they work closely with customers to design their dream piece. You can choose everything from the shape and size of your bong to the color scheme and decorative elements present on it. This means that every decision you have in choosing your custom bong pieces will be entirely reflective of your tastes and style.

So don’t settle for a mass-produced generic piece of cheap glass, when you can own something that’s both unique and high-quality, with a personal touch that you would not find outside of the hands of the skilled artisans and craftsmen who work in producing the best custom pieces.


GiggleGlass specializes in handcrafted smoking accessories such as bongs, hand pipes, dab rigs, and more, all made by local artists in the USA.

Yes, GiggleGlass offers custom bong creation services. You can select the style, function, size, shape, colors, and themes and work with a glass artist to bring your unique design to life.

Use the "Find Glass Artists" feature on GiggleGlass to explore a list of artists across the USA and view samples of their work. This helps in choosing an artist whose style aligns with your vision.

The pricing and production time for a custom bong vary based on its complexity, features, and the artist's schedule. Custom work can range from a week to over a month.

Regularly clean your custom bong with isopropyl alcohol to maintain functionality and aesthetics. Store it properly when not in use to prevent damage.


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