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Top Glass Artists in Colorado

Colorado Glass Artists

Here’s a tip if you’re looking to up your smoking style and live in the state of Colorado, go out and find some of the many talented custom glass blowers located within the state. They create stunning hand-crafted pieces at such a high level of artistry and mastery, you’re jaw will be stuck on the floor once you see these custom pieces for yourself. In this blog post, I’ll tell you about some of these pieces, as well as the places around Colorado where you can find them for yourself.

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Custom Smoking Glass Artists in Colorado

Colorado is home to a wonderful community of custom-smoking glass artists all around the state. These artists have the humble yet lofty goals of revolutionizing the world of cannabis accessories. This is not an easy matter to take on, but these talented artisans are up for the challenge. As a result, they create awesome and custom one-of-a-kind pieces that cater to every smoker’s individual tastes.

The designs of these pieces take up a vast array of aesthetic choices. Some pieces may have bright colorful swirls and patterns, while others may take a much more minimalist design. This provides options for everyone’s tastes and preferences, especially since no matter the design, each piece is carefully crafted with the utmost precision.

Not only do these glass artists have exceptional crafting skills, but they also have remarkable customer service. These artists love to collaborate with customers in order to find the perfect custom piece for an even better price. They understand that each customer has a specific taste concerning size, design, and functionality. If it’s a small handheld pipe you’re looking for, they have them. If it’s an elaborate water bong, they have them too. You’ll be able to work closely with these artists as they seek to deliver the perfect custom piece just right for you.

These artists all draw from many different and unique inspirations ranging from nature, abstract art, or even pop culture. Different artists may use innovative techniques like fuming or dichroic glass when crafting their pieces. All and all, this adds layers of depth and complexity to the final product.

Each artist is dedicated in putting forward their all in their craft. It’s evident in every piece they produce that they have a deep and fruitful passion for making each piece special.

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Giggle Glass provides the following directory but endorses none of the artist below


Perry Norton

Fort Collins, CO



 Bryan Ratcliffe

 Evergreen, CO



Ben waggz




Wyatt Passman

 Fort Collins, CO



Nicholas Leoniak

Fort Collins, CO



Mitch Shallenburger

Fort Collins, CO




Evergreen CO



Eusheen Goines

Evergreen, CO



 C. Martin

Fort Collins, CO



Alec Lengal

Denver, CO



 Matt Burger

Denver, CO



Glasslab 303

Denver, CO



Chaiah Sullivan

Paonia, CO



 Andrew Certo

 Denver CO


Raya glass

Denver, CO



Windstar glass




Pedro Grime




 Shawn M Golden




Giggle glass provides the following directory but endorses the none of the shops or studios below


517 South Tejon Street, Colorado Springs, CO80903

Elev8 Glass Gallery

(719) 297-8420


238 N Broadway Denver, CO

Illuzion Glass Galleries

(720) 420-0021


2017E Colfax Ave, Denver, Colorado 80206

PurpleHaze Glass Gallery



5290 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, Co

Colorado Glass Gallery

+1 303-954-0386


3960 Maizeland Rd, Colorado Springs, Colorado80909

Papa Legba Gallery

(719) 985-8139


930 w 104th ave, Northglenn, Colorado 80234

710 Pipes

Popular Cities where Glass Blowers in Colorado call home

Colorado is home to a bright and vibrant glass-blowing community in many cities across the state. Down below are a few of the most popular sites where these glass blowers call home.


A bustling capital city that holds within it a wonderful hub of professional glass blowers. In Denver, you have a vibrant and supportive arts and culture community. There are countless artists who enjoy calling Denver home. This city offers numerous opportunities for these glassblowers to show off their work, as well as opportunities for you to take them in and buy them for yourself.


Another great city in Colorado to immerse yourself in the art of glass blowing it Boulder. A large and thriving city that provides an excellent source for locals to work their magic and produce mind-blowing artistic glass pieces while inspired by the picturesque nature that surrounds it.

Fort Collins

Fort Collins is an attractive college town that’s drawn in a multitude of talented artists to its sandy shores. Its beauty and vibrant scenery serve as great inspiration for the artists who call this city home. If you’re around, definitely check out local festivals and art galleries to get in touch with the local artisans and find yourself a beautiful custom glass piece.

Colorado Springs and Aspen

Another great city that has recently seen a large uptake of skillful glass blowers includes the city of Colorado Springs and Aspen. Beautiful sites for skiing and resort activities, there is also a growing population of skilled glass blowers making it their home.

How Much Does a Custom Glass Bong Cost in Colorado?

When it comes down to purchasing these handcrafted pieces, the question of price naturally comes to mind. So how much would a custom glass bong cost in Colorado? The answer is that it depends on several factors.

For starters, the complexity of the design plays a big role in determining the cost. Intricate patterns and detailed artwork generally is pricier than simpler designs. Additionally, if you’re looking for extra features of functionality such as percolators or ash catchers, then that also gets reflected in the price.

Another thing to consider is the size of the bong. A much larger piece will naturally have a higher price due to the number of materials used and the increased difficulty of production.

Keep in mind that pricing for many of these custom pieces tends to be subjective, meaning that each artist may price their custom products much differently from one another. It’s a good idea to reach out beforehand to your local glass blowers to find any specific prices for a design you’ve had your eye on.

Overall, despite the lack of any fixed price for a custom bong, it’s well worth the investment due to the longevity you’d get out of obtaining a custom piece built just for you!

Buy American Made Glass Smoking pieces by Colorado Artists

Mass-produced products of every kind already dominate the market, and glass smoking pieces are no exception to this. That’s why it’s a breath of fresh air to know that we can find artisans in Colorado who provide a service of crafting beautiful custom and high-quality pieces for our enjoyment.

Another reason to consider supporting these artists is because they also prioritize American-made products. When you support a local artist and buy from them directly, you’ll know for certain that your money is contributing towards growing small businesses and helping provide more jobs within your community.

So, when considering settling for some generic piece you can buy anywhere, think about the plenty of local glass artists around the state of Colorado who are working tirelessly day and night to create the most magnificent custom pieces you’ve ever laid your eyes on. When an individual such as these puts their blood, sweat, and tears into a custom piece just for you, it makes owning such a piece much more special. Whether you are an avid smoker, or simply appreciate fine artistry, owning a custom glass smoking piece by a Colorado artist is an investment worth making.

Embrace culture and individuality, support local talent, and take in the pleasure of owning something unique – buy American-made custom glass smoking pieces by Colorado artists today!


GiggleGlass specializes in handcrafted smoking accessories such as bongs, hand pipes, dab rigs, and more, all made by local artists in the USA.

Yes, GiggleGlass offers custom bong creation services. You can select the style, function, size, shape, colors, and themes and work with a glass artist to bring your unique design to life.

Use the "Find Glass Artists" feature on GiggleGlass to explore a list of artists across the USA and view samples of their work. This helps in choosing an artist whose style aligns with your vision.

The pricing and production time for a custom bong vary based on its complexity, features, and the artist's schedule. Custom work can range from a week to over a month.

Regularly clean your custom bong with isopropyl alcohol to maintain functionality and aesthetics. Store it properly when not in use to prevent damage.


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