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Times are changing, but there are still plenty of situations and locations where stealth is paramount to b. . . Read More

For Hiding in the Bedroom or Home:

Whether it’s for parents, children, or landlords, having a piece that is easily hideable in a room or house can be extremely important. Stealth smoking pieces that excel in these environments tend to be discrete and lowkey, blending in or being easily stored. Smell can be a big give away for weed, so being able to quickly clean and/or having a smell-proof storage system are an absolute must.

For Hiding in Public:

Having a small, lowkey piece for public smoking makes for easier toking. Something like a small bowl that can fit comfortably in your hand, a backpack, or a car pocket make for easy hiding and easy use. Have a piece that allows you to blend in with the crowd, if you need to. Being able to hide in plain sight goes a long way.

For Hiding While Traveling:

Depending on mode of transport, having a small, durable, packable piece makes smoking on vacation or business a breeze. If you are going on a plane, having an easy to clean piece is a must. Glass can be flown with, so long as there isn’t any marijuana residue inside, which as a substance is illegal to fly with. Bags get tossed around on planes and trains as well, meaning that a durable, well-packed piece is required to make sure the piece makes it to the destination.

For Hiding on your Person:

For hiding on your person, having a small, pocketable piece makes life easy. An easy to clean piece will help reduce any smell around your person. Durability is a nice aspect to have while hiding a piece on your person, just to be sure you don’t end up with broken glass in a pocket or backpack.


The smell of pot smoking is often the biggest giveaway of a stealth smoker. Having a piece that is easy to clean goes a long way towards this. Using isopropyl alcohol or other strong alcohols are a great way to remove residue and take away a lingering smell. A thorough alcohol bath and subsequent water washing can have a piece looking and smell brand new.

Depends on your state and particular location. Some states, marijuana is absolutely illegal and therefore smoking in public needs to be lowkey if at all. Even some legal states still have smoking-free public areas that should be avoided unless you want trouble. Be sure to look into local rules and regulations before you spark up, and discretion is always helpful when in public.

Smell-proof containers go a long way towards hiding a piece. On the other hand, more and more models of “hiding in plain sight” type pieces are being sold. So long as you clean these pieces, you can blend your smoking piece in on a bookshelf, desk, or cabinet along with other items.

Yes! There are pieces that explicitly market themselves as smokeless smoking devices. There are also other devices separate from the smoking piece, like a smoking buddy, that can drastically reduce smoke and smell upon exhalation. Both options are great for stealth smoking!

A key to stealth is being thorough. This includes being thorough with your cleaning and your hiding to make sure the piece doesn’t smell and isn’t easily visible. When smokers get careless is when they get caught with a smell or leaving something out. Be thorough, careful, and enjoy your high when you get it for the best results!