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Delve deep into the pastoral charm with our “From the Farm” collection. Celebrate the rustic beauty and no. . . Read More

Rustic Bears:

Navigate through our collection of bear-themed pieces. From the fierce grizzly to the tranquil panda, find a piece that resonates with your spirit animal.

Forest Forager:

Perfect for those who love the mysteries of dense woodlands and the creatures that call the forest their home.

Panda Poise:

This tranquil piece captures the gentle, calm nature of pandas, perfect for serene sessions filled with peace and harmony.

Rugged Roar:

For those that like their sessions with a touch of fierceness only found in wild animals; this one is a nod to the mighty grizzlies.

The Farm Experience:

There are more than just bears on the farm! Stay tuned as we expand our collection to include more farm favorites such as the cunning fox or the humble chicken. As we round out our farm collection, we’ve got a surprise waiting for every farm enthusiast.


A delicate rinse using isopropyl alcohol and salt is an effective way to remove resin and other waste from the nooks and crannies of an intricate design while not destroying the piece along the way. Routine cleaning prevents any large buildups that would require more intense, and perhaps damaging, cleanings.

Just like the wood changes the flavor when smoking meats, wood also changes the flavor when smoking weed. This stems from unique flavor chemicals that exist in each wood type. This creates a sweeter flavor with woods like maple whereas pear wood provides more of a subtle earthy flavor.

Should you have a special request for an animal design, you can request for a custom build, within reason. Our experienced craftsman have the skills to make an array of different shapes and intricate details.

All of our hand-created glass pieces are made with durability and craftsmanship in mind. That said, these pieces are still glass, which means they can only handle so much wear and tear before breaking. If you take good care of our farm collection, these pieces will last a long time.

When traveling, having a compact piece that can easily be packed away is crucial. The durability of wood provides a huge advantage in this regard. If you’re traveling via plane, make sure your wood piece is free of any resin or other residues. That being said, a clean piece is always a good idea for traveling.