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Where to Source Glass for Your Smoke Lounge

| Madison Gillespie
Do you own a cannabis smoking lounge and are looking to stock your shop with the best American made glass products? Giggle Glass can connect you to the best artists. Learn more here.

Introduction to the Rise of High End Smoke Lounges

The Growing Popularity of Smoke Lounges

As you may have noticed, cannabis smoking lounges have started to become a recreational staple in the same vein as bars in a some of the more accepting cities in America. As smoking has become more accepted and favorably looked upon in each state, the smoking lounge has sprouted to accompany this growing popularity. In places like Las Vegas, the smoking lounge has become a staple of nightlife activities and daytime recreation.

The Appeal Of High-End Glass Pieces in Lounge Settings

As smoking culture would entail, those who have a classy taste demonstrate it within the lounge, and high-end glass pieces are no exception. Just as an expensive Cuban cigar demonstrates taste and class in the lounge, an intricate piece of high-end glass does the same. It is on the same degree of classiness but on the spectrum of weed smoking.

How Smoke Lounges Source Their Glassware

The Importance of Quality and Uniqueness

When it comes to leaving a mark on the smoking lounge scene, it cannot be understated how important having a unique quality piece is. Going into a smoking lounge with a high-quality piece is a testament to high-quality smoking. Having a unique custom bong, bowl, or dab rig acts as an extension of your personality and preferences, making it a crucial element of joining in on the smoking lounge scene.

Common Sources for Smoke Lounge Glassware

Whether through local glass blowers or online sites, there are plenty of sources for smoke lounge glassware. For the best sources of custom glass, I recommend seeking out local glass galleries and sellers. If there’s nothing to your exact liking, online bong sites are plentiful with custom glass pieces to take to smoking lounges.

Benefits of Giggle Glass for Lounge Owners

Why Choose Giggle Glass as Your Supplier

For lounge owners, a great site to pursue as a supplier is Giggle Glass. Giggle Glass provides an in-depth and well-curated bong shopping experience. On Giggle Glass you will find a plethora of skilled glass artisans who passionately craft some of the most intricate and well-crafted pieces of custom glass bongs.

Variety, Quality, and Customization Options

On Giggle Glass, you can find a great variety of custom options and ranges of quality for whatever kind of bong piece you want to pick out. With our guidance, you can find specific artists who best adhere to whatever kind of style and design fits you the best.

The Role of Artists in Supplying Smoke Lounges With Glass

Artists who supply smoke lounges with glass will find themselves in a lucrative position to have established business connections and networks. Those who sell to smoking lounges will be able to fill in a valuable niche that needs to be filled every day, especially since glass pieces in smoking lounges are becoming more and more popular. The masses that are filling these smoking lounges need to be supplied with custom glass pieces, and the artists who supply them will find themselves in steady business.

Advantages for Artists Selling through Giggle Glass

Artists who decide to sell through Giggle Glass gain many benefits from doing so. One of the key benefits of selling through giggle glass includes increased visibility in a high-end market. Custom glass can be sold for very lucrative prices, so don’t kick yourself for missing out on the potential to get exposure on a site like Giggle Glass. Not only will you gain exposure through using Giggle Glass, but you will also be able to establish legitimacy and long-lasting relationships with lounges by using a well-established site like Giggle Glass.

How Lounges Use and Promote High-End Glass

Offering premium experiences with High-end glass

Using high-end glass gives you an overall better smoking experience. This is why smoking lounges often try to include more high-end glass into their merchandise as they want to create an overall high-end smoking experience in their lounges.

Options for Customers to Use or Purchase Glass at lounges

Customers who wish to use or purchase glass at lounges will be more than happy to find that these lounges offer plenty of options in this regard. Any kind of piece you wish to smoke from will most likely be available depending on the synergy between the glass lounge and glass artist.



Overall, cannabis smoking lounges have become great sources for social custom glass smoking experiences. Glass artists should pursue getting in contact with smoking lounges to sell their glass, and a great way to get connected is through sites like Giggle Glass. Artists who facilitate their sales through Giggle Glass will find themselves in an enviable business position with our network of connections. Because of this, glass options at smoking lounges are worth checking out and you should definitely do so when you get a chance.

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