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Marketplace of American Glassblowers

The Power and Promise of "American-Made" from American Glassblowers

Here at Giggle Glass, we are all about supporting local artists. That is why 100% of our products are American-made and hand-crafted by local American glassblowers.

We understand that many artists struggle to sell in a marketplace dominated by cheap overseas products. And at the same time, many Americans are hungry to support home-grown projects and artists.

Our platform brings these groups together: local artists and the local patrons who support them. We believe consumers want to know who they are buying from, especially when it comes to art.

History of American glassblowers

For years, American Glassblowers have been the sleeping beauties of the cannabis industry. But despite the fact that nearly one in five Americans use cannabis, these artists have struggled to market their work and share their vision and craft with the world just like a normal artist would.

Here at Giggle Glass, we are setting out to change all of that. Not just the stigma around the industry, but exposure to the underground glass artists in the cannabis space that make the marijuana industry what it is today.

While the art of glassblowing has been around for centuries, the specific practice of creating cannabis hand pipes and other smoking-related paraphernalia is a relatively new phenomenon. In the 1960s and 1970s, as marijuana use became more widespread, a subculture of underground glassblowers began to emerge.

These artists, many of them were self-taught, often worked in secret, creating intricate and beautiful hand pipes that were then sold or traded on the black market.

At Giggle Glass - We believe the time is finally right for the world to see not just the art, but get to know the artist as well.

Giggle Glass: About the Founders

Giggle Glass is a start up company setting out to revolutionize the way that American glassblowers sell their art and interact with their customers.

Founders Tom and Madison are passionate entrepreneurs and product developers with a dream of bringing industry leading products to the homes of millions of American's.  Between the two of them - they have founded six successful products and services businesses in the last 10 years alone and have over 40 years of marketing experience. 

They have always dreamed of starting a platform for those who have perfected the art of crafting glass bongs, glass pipes, glass blunts and other smoking accessories. And now that the platform is here, the industry for glassblowers will never be the same. 

A "Growing" Industry

In recent years, the cannabis industry has experienced explosive growth. Back in 2015, this was a $3.1 billion dollar industry. By 2026, the industry is expected to become a $52.6 billion dollar industry!

In other words, more people are using cannabis than ever before, and that means they need the right smoking accessories. Now, we're looking forward to Giggle Glass growing alongside the cannabis industry as it continues to transform the world.

The Marketplace American Glassblowers have been looking for

For artists who create glass bongs, glass blunts, or glass paraphernalia, the hard part usually isn't creating the product. Instead, the hard part is finding where to sell it legally.

As an example, many local artists sell their work through the Facebook marketplace. However, Facebook bans the sale of smoking accessories. And while eBay allows for the sale of certain pipes, it forbids the sale of glass bongs. 

The official policy of eBay is that glass pipes cannot be sold on its platform even though thousands of people sell such products. This means that, at any time, eBay could shut down your business if you try to sell glass products on there.

With Giggle Glass, you have a safe platform that doesn't just allow you to sell artisan smoking accessories. It was designed from the ground up to help American glassblowers do just that! Sell your American glass artwork!

How Can Giggle Glass Help American Glassblowers Succeed

At Giggle Glass, we are committed to helping American glassblowers build their brand as both an artist and an entrepreneur. But just how do we do that?

Below, we have a brief overview of a few of the services that we offer to help artists find the success they deserve.

World-Class Photography

The thing about glass bongs and blunts is that they often look beautiful in person, but the creators aren't great photographers. The end result is that they don't have many sellers because people don't realize the quality of their work.

That's where we come in. With our top-notch photographers and equipment, we can show the world how amazing your work really looks!

Marketing and Sales Experience

Everyone's heard the old phrase "starving artist." The truth behind this phrase is simple: artists don't always know how to really market their work, so they often times have trouble making consistent money or have to get a second job.

As sales and marketing professionals, we're here to help you build your brand from the ground up. In addition to spreading brand awareness about American glassblowers, we can help you close more sales than ever before.

SEO-Friendly descriptions

If you want to sell anything in today's world, people need to be able to find it online. In fact, even local businesses rely on search engine optimization to help new customers discover their products and services.

Not an SEO expert? Don't worry; we are! And with our SEO-friendly product descriptions, rest assured that more and more customers will discover your awesome work.

Payments and Customer Service

Once you start selling your products on a regular basis, it's easy to underestimate how much work is involved. In addition to creating killer glass, you need to learn how to take payments, all while becoming a customer service expert.

Unless, of course, you use Giggle Glass! We're happy to handle customer service, including returns and all the little nuances of running a online business. And we make it easy and convenient for your customers to find, pay, and receive your art. 

Storage, Shipment, and Packaging

Most artisans who craft glass pipes and smoking accessories only sell one or two products at a time. Once you start selling many more products to a growing number of customers, though, things get more complex.

Here at Giggle Glass, we make complex matters simple for our artists. We are happy to help with storing and packaging products as well as shipping them out. This lets you stop focusing on all these little details and focus more on your actual art.

Build and Grow your American Glassblowers network

Now you know more about what Giggle Glass is. But are you ready to take your own art to the next level?

At the end of the day, we specialize in linking gifted artists to hungry buyers. Ready to discover what that means for your art? All you have to do is contact us today!