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Good Vibes


Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of nature’s marvels with the “Good Vibes” collection. As the name suggests, this connection is inspired by the healing and calming properties of geodes and crystals. Let these pieces be more than just a smoking accessory; let them resonate with your inner energy, elevate your sessions, and infuse your day with good vibes you can carry forward.

What about these pieces gives them good vibes, you may ask. We have four main goals when creating one of these masterpieces:

  • Natural aesthetics: Our geode and crystal-themed pieces are more than just glass - they capture the essence of nature’s wonders in every curve and color.
  • Multifaceted designs: Much like the intricate patterns of crystals, these pieces are detailed, offering both visual and tactile delight.
  • Color Dynamics: The play of light, shadow, and colors mimics the real look and feel of crystals and geodes.
  • Premium craftsmanship: Each piece is carefully crafted, ensuring it embodies the mystique and allure of its natural counterpart.

Crystal Calmness:

Navigate the realm of crystal-inspired pieces, reflecting different properties, from tranquility to passion.

  • Quartz Clarity:

    Evoke a sense of clean-mindedness and purity with pieces inspired by clear quartz

  • Amethyst Aura:

    Dive into the mystical purple shades and let it be a beacon of calm and meditation.

  • Rose Radiance:

    Connect with the heart’s energy with pieces inspired by the loving energy of rose quartz.

Geode Gems:

Experience the unexpected beauty and layers within the marvels of geodes captured in glass.

  • Cave of Wonders:

    Let the deep blues and sparkling interiors resonate with your adventurous spirit.

  • Sunlit Hollow:

    A piece inspired by geodes that shimmer in golden hues, perfect for those seeking warmth and positivity.

  • Moonlit Mystery:

    For those who feel a deep connection with the night, this geode-inspired piece is reminiscent of moonlit terrains.


Crystals and geodes are known for their shimmer and shine. To maintain this aesthetic, routine cleaning is a must, but luckily, cleaning this style of piece is straightforward just like your basic glass bowl. Isopropyl alcohol and a coarse salt will dissolve any stubborn resin on the glass. A thorough wash with water after and your crystal-inspired piece will look as good as new.

Yes! Nature provides some of the most amazing templates with the shapes and colors it produces. We use the real thing as inspiration to create truly breathtaking glass pieces that look great and function fantastically.

Within reason, we take requests! If there is a specific geode or crystal that has really captured your heart, perhaps we can bring it to life such that you can enjoy a great session out of it.

With nature as the inspiration, we aim to create some realistic looking pieces with color that resembles the real thing. Although, having some wild coloration and rainbows as part of the piece can also help infuse good vibes. Sometimes the piece does the talking as far as what color it wants to be.

An enjoyable session boils down to not only good product, but a good set and setting too. A part of this setting is any music or lights that are on, but also the piece being used. The pieces from the “Good Vibes” collection ensure that each session has an elevated aura and great feel. Add some good-vibes music and some calming lights to a “Good Vibes” piece to ascend to a greater smoking experience.