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American Artists Glass


Sold as a hand-held, portable and versatile way to smoke dry herb, glass pipes can be used anywhere. You just need a lighter and you're set.

Although we offer a variety of different pipes, many customers make the most popular choice: glass hand pipes. These clean and portable tools are smooth and reliable and usually come in small sizes that are ideal for toting around.

Hand pipes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them perfect for every individual. Some of the most common shapes are:

Spoon - If you are looking for the hand pipe with a profile that is easy to hold, then spoons might be perfect for you.

Steamrollers are made for large hits. A front-side carb hole makes it easier to produce more smoke with a little material. These pipes are tougher on the throat, but with practice you'll learn how to regulate the carb.

One popular pipe is called the Sherlock. These pipes are easy to hold, making them a lot of fun. They have a long, vertical handle and tend to be stable if they have a flat base, which prevents your herbs from falling out.

One really popular product is a Chillum, which is a pipe for smoking that’s made straight and features no carb hole. A chillum is easier to store and transport than other kinds of pipes. Plus, it’s difficult to misplace since it’s so small.

One of the newest trends in modern smoking is Glass Blunts. This revolutionary concept offers an expandable, sliding herb chamber so you can pack your blunt with as much or as little weed as you want.

Bubbler - It's like a regular pipe but you can also smoke through it and clean the water for better hits and a smoother sensation 



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